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ABS controller 1100R to 1100RT


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Anyone know of a way to reprogram it without the fancy diagnostic tool ?


To be more specific .I am replacing my ABS controller on my RT with one from a 1100R . The controller has to be re-coded to the RT harness . I wasn't sure if it could be done without the special tool . I guess it does it automatically when replacing it with a new one .But I believe the memory has to be wiped from the used replacement for it to work . I was hoping there would be a Techie here that can help. Thanks ,Dave

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Check THIS out...


In the parts fiche, the Hydro unit (#1 on the diagram) part # 34512331935, is the same for the R and RT 1995 through 2000.


Programming? Wot programming :thumbsup:?!

I would just install it.

BTW - I would bench clean, flush&fill the ABS unit before you install it and you will definitely have to bleed the ABS unit, using the top bleeders, as a second step after running fluid from the brake reservoirs through the calipers. I would even rebleed the brakes AGAIN after you have bled the ABS reservoir - just in case. But, then again, I am entirely anal :eek:!! :grin: :grin:

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Don't need the dealer, here's the fault code clearing procedure!

Resetting ABS2Locate the diagnostic connector under the seat. Remove it from the blanking plug.

Insert one end of 20 cm wire into the middle socket of this connector.

Ground the other end firmly to a metal bolt in the area (and keep grounded).

Turn on ignition. You should see the lights flash alternately.

Hold ABS button down for about 8 seconds. The bottom ABS light will stay on, and the top one off.

Release the ABS button. If you have successfully reset the ABS, both ABS lights will come on. If you have failed to count to 8, or your ground is not good, the top ABS light will stay off.

Turn off ignition, remove wire.


There's the reset for ABSII




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It evidentally does have to be re-coded. I did just try installing it and the lights just flashed would not clear . Thats where my research started. The local dealer that I called I guess couldn't be too worried about my small issue. I shouldn't say the dealer but the service manager couldn't be bothered . I tried calling on last Wednesday about the procedure he said he would have to check with the mechanic. Ok so I wait I call back on Thursday oh I forgot and the tech is not here right now to check and won't be back till Tuesday . So I wait again .Called today ,the mechanic said once the unit is installed it can't be recoded .So I figured screw'em . I took the ECU off my old unit took some electromotive cleaner,cleaned it really well an installed it onto the new used ABS unit . Took it for a 20 mile ride all is well . So unless it comes back on I guess I will not worry about it for now . My fault I originally had would come back as soon as I started moving before . In the mean time I will find out about recoding the ECU for future and I will dissect my old ABS unit and see if I can figure this thing out . Thanks for the reply's . Dave

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Here is part of the article I got it from . Thanks again, Dave


ABS2 differences between models


The same basic ABS2 control unit is used on the K1100 and nearly all 5-speed R1100 models. There was an early version that might have only been used on the R1100RS, then the same unit is used on all ABS2 bikes until Motronic 2.4. The only difference seems to be in the wiring; according to my diagram different bikes have different combinations of pins 9, 10, 22 and 23 grounded. Each unit also has a coding number that supposedly can be read out from the center pin (like the fault codes) when the key is on and the ABS button is pushed (although I cannot get this to happen on my R11RS or R11GS):

Coding Pin 9 Pin 22 Pin 10 Pin 23

+8 +4 +2 +1

R1100R, R850R 12 X X

R1100RT 8 X

R1100GS 4 X

R1100RS (93, 94) 2 X

R1100RS (95-) 1 X

K1100LT 11 X X X

K1100RS 7 X X X


This coding might only apply to the 34 51 2 331 935 ABS unit. Other units can be damaged or will not respond to the recoding.


* 34 51 2 306 300 - early model. Might NOT be usable on bikes other than the R11RS! Superseded by...

* 34 51 2 331 935 - R11RS, R11RT, R11R, R850R, R11GS, K11RS, K11LT (MA2.2)

* 34 51 2 325 868 - Remanufactured version of 2 331 935

* 34 51 2 331 637 - R11S, K12RS, R1150GS, R1200C (MA2.4)

* 34 51 2 333 232 -K12LT


In addition to the wiring harness coding, individual ABS units are internally coded to match the harness. This might happen automatically upon installation of a new unit, but if a used unit is transplanted into a different model, the internal coding will be wrong and this will not correct itself with a simple reset. To the best of my knowledge, correcting this can only be done on the BMW diagnostic computer (where it is a trivial task).


To disable ABS on the R1100GS, you hold the ABS button down whilst turning the ignition on. This should leave one ABS light lit, which will flash as you ride.

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I also received a response from another dealer in the area and they said they do recode them and it takes about a 1/2 hr .Very fast response and knowledgeable.Thanks Hermey's. I should have called them after the run around the first time . So if I find I do need it done at least I know where to go . It does tick me off that the other dealer stated that it can't be done and won't work on my bike . Instead they should have stated they were not sure and have never done it but would look into it. Dave

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Thanks for the re-education :thumbsup:

So, if you do it yourself, the only cost when R&Ring an ABS unit is for 30 minutes of dealer labor then? Provided you can find a dealer that is happy to do so!

Not a bad deal :grin:



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