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R1100RT mirror applications


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I bought some R1100GS mirrors when I still had my 1998 R1100RT, thinking I would go on a camping trip (which never happened and I sold my RT). The GS mirrors,left hand part # 51 16 2 313 529, and right hand mirror, part # 51 16 2 313 530 allow you to see traffic when your RT has camping gear strapped to it.

1)Can anyone tell me what years of the R1100RT these mirrors will fit?

2)Does anyone know the years of the 1100GS that they will fit?



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I came up with the info; the '98 GS mirrors should fit most R1100RT's, will fit R1100GS ('94 and up); R1100RS ('92 and up).

Good investment if you ever decide to go bike camping and are gonna strap down bags on your side cases/ top rack. Allows you to see over those low, stock RT mirrors. You know those $300 ones.

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