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Nolan N103 Helmet and Bluetooth Com


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At the NYC Motorcycle show I tried on the Nolan N103 helmet whith their bluetooth communictions system. Without being on a bike the com system was clear and the helmet was comfortable.


Price aside (as this is a very expensive set-up) I am interested in learning from users of this helmet about is quietness on the road and how well the communication systems work in actual practice. I am very sensitive to wind noise (even when wearing custom ear plugs).


Is the helmet quiet, does it hold up over time, does the com system work well at speed, etc.?





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I bought my 102 with BT about 2 years ago. I got tired of the wife punching and yelling.

What a wonderful device this is being able to just talk as we cruise.

The BT works great between my Zumo for MP3 music and I love being able to answer my cell while riding.

Most folks I talk to are amazed that I'm talking to them while riding at ? speeds.

Yes, little pricey but in the overall, money well spent.


Bob Collins

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I've been concerned about battery life on these BT helmets. Could I listen to MP3 for, say, 8 hours and talk every once in a while with the wife for the same duration?

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I have enjoyed my Nolan N102 N-COM helmet. It is on the heavy side (and the new N103 is even heavier), but the weight is balanced. The quality is very good with either I think.


Because of the expensive price, lack of stereo and wired intercom, I decided against the Nolan BT system, even though I purchased the helmet specifically for that reason originally. I found the IMC Camos line of BT headsets were superior to others, as they offer a fully wireless true stereo sound, have good sound quality and loudness. Current Camos headsets have capability of sync'ing two sources plus intercom. I think Nolan has recently improved their N-Com BT system, but not sure if they are competitive with Camos yet.


Wife and I now have Nolan 102N-COM (x2) and IMC Camos BTS300 & BTS200. Spoke to the wife on the cell just today while riding, and she didn't even know I was tooling down the road at 60mph. At the end of the conversation, I asked if she could tell I was on the bike - her reply, "No, what did you do go home at lunch and get it!" Busted - but not due to poor sound quality.


Battery life:

BTS300 (500m/1500ft. range for BTB) 7hrs.

BTS200 (10m/30ft. range for pillion) 14hrs.

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I think the Nolan's are relatively quiet, but modulars do make more wind noise that full-face. Half helmets aren't really an option for me - my wife likes a husband with a face... and I've grown accustomed to her having one too.


You'll find more on helment wind noise on previous threads by using the search feature of this bulletin board.

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+1 on the IMC Camos. I purchased the new BTS300 mounted inside an ARAI RX7 Corsair. The helmet is a little noisy and I was supprised when my wife also called. I picked up the call in through my BlackBerry BT to BTS300 headset. She couldn't even tell i was on the bike. I also purchased due to the A2DP BT Stereo capability. The phone sounds really good, the stereo through my BB BT MP3 music player sounds great also. I also share the concern of battery life on the headset. But I haven't had any long rides to determine full life. I thought the nolan offering is also now A2DP compatable.

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