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Tech advice on new to me R1150RT


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Hey everyone,


Just traded my K1200RS for a 2003 R1150RT and I'm looking forward to many comfortable LD rides. I've had oilheads before, a '95 GS and a 2000 R. Did my own maintenance. How much of the Haynes manual for the 1100's is applicable to the 1150?


I'll prolly be consulting the wisdom of the board for stuff like best way to install satellite radio and GPS, too.

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Hi, DrMikey, and welcome to the Sport Touring forum. Lots of good info here if you search. If you can't find it, then just post a question. I don't know how similar the 1100 and 1150RT's are, since I have an 1150RT.


What kind of healthcare field are you in?

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The big difference you will find is the brake systems. Your old 1100 had much simpler brakes. I have been getting along fine with an old manual on my '04 1150 RT (had a '97 RT). For the new information I need concerning brake service I use this marvelous resource right here to get instructions.




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fatbob's right on target. I started with a '99 R1100RT, but now ride an 1150GS. The only other differences (other than power brakes) are the spark plugs ARE different than you are used to. You'll need to figure out what it has, and what the appropriate cross reference parts are. I don't know if yours is a twin spark, or single. The rear brake rotor is attached to the wheel instead of the hub, the lights are different, you've got two horns instead of one, your clutch is hydraulic instead of cable actuated, the bike was shipped with a gel battery instead of wet acid, and probably a bunch of other minor details even less significant.


Almost all torque specs are the same. The valve lash specs are the same. Throttle balancing is the same. The fluids are the same. The filters should be the same.

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