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Need some help with seats


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Hi all


I just picked up my new bike, a 1997 R850R... such a great bike :)


One thing I want to do is add some height to the seat as I'm a wee bit scrunched up.


Adding seat jacks isn't an option on the R.


From what I have read the F650 seat has the foam attached to the cover not the base.


Does anyone know if this is a general rule with BM stock seats? Is the R likely to be the same??


Also, has anyone fitted footpeg lowering blocks to an R and did it effect the amount of lean before peg scrape much if at all??


appreciate any help with this



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I don't know about the upholstery, but just in case, do you know that the front half of the R850/1100R seat is adjustable to three different heights? If you lower the footpegs you will be able to scrape them in turns. Whether this is a problem depends on your riding style.

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Thanks guys, the first thing I checked was the seat... and it's already at the top.


As for riding style... well although i am not a knee-down kind of rider I certainly do like to tip the bike over in corners.


Might try the seat first and leave the pegs alone for now.





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You may want to check the part number of the seat.

Not sure if there's a low version out there that fits it, but maybe.

If so, a standard would give you an inch or so.

If not, many options to rebuild, even a local upholsterer could add some foam.

Remember to look at widening and not just raising hte saddle height.

Best wishes.

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If it's like the R1150RT you can also add spacers, I made mine out of a sheet of alum., to raise the front of the seat.

cheap, higher, and more comfortable...........for me.

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