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Roller Derby player name?


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Throttle Rockets


A colleague's wife has joined the ranks of roller derby girls (combatants?). She's having a tough time deciding on a name. Up for consideration are:



Breakneck Bella

Atomic Pepper



The gal's name is Diane. The first two have promise, but Diane and others think it should be a little sexier. I don't think she's going for a XXX rating, but suggestion and innuendo go a long ways.


I've posted the same question over at ADVrider and they've got the more lewd suggestions coming right and left. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery here?


Thanks folks!


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Double D aka Dirty Diane


How about Breakheart Bella??? instead Breakneck


Have her take the name of her first dog, as the first name, add the name of the street she grew up, as the last name.

Mine would be - Pepper St. Andrews

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Joe Frickin' Friday

I would stay away from any name that ends in "-roid."


Maybe "Demon Diane?"


"Demolition Diane?"



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Dianamator, of course.


But if she wants to be a little more literary, with a dose of double entendre, she could incorporate a reference to Greek mythology, "Diana, Goddess of the Wild." :eek:

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