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We are Bimota dealers!

Paul Mihalka

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On top of Harley-Davidson, Buell, BMW, Ducati, Yamaha, we picked up the Bimota line. We have one DB7 and one TESI30 in stock. Amazing workmanship. The DB7 is the higher performance/higher priced one, with a Ducati 1098 motor, but the TESI30 engineering and suspension details are beautiful. I like things simple (KISS) but this is something else.














Front suspension, left side:



Front suspension, right side:



Rear suspension:




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Pretty scary front suspension..... does it work ??????


According to write-ups I read, it works excellent. As good as BMW"s Telelever :)

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Guess If I have to ask about price I can't afford it! I must live in a sheltered world, this is the first time I have heard of this manufacturer.

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"Beautiful, but a long term hit on the floor plan."


You got that right! Mr. Battley, the owner, likes special things. Like I think he was the first BUELL dealer before Eric Buell hooked up with Harley, and owns Buell serial no. 3. We also had one of the Ducati race replicas for $75.000, and sold it! We are also a main supplier of Harleys and others to King Abdullah of Jordan and before that to his Father King Hussein. Interesting place to work...

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Those are some wild looking rides. I like the look of carbon fiber and then you add that suspension... I think I've just committed one of the 7 deadly sins.

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Given that Bimota only sent 22 bikes to the US in 2008 ...


Sl getting a loaner while your bike is in the shop is probably out of the question, then?

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