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Bike went dead


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I was out riding and my bike went dead, which to me felt like the fuel just cut out. I did the usual checking fuses but all OK. Trailered it to my mechanic who feels after various testing that it is the Hall sensor.

He does not have the BMW diagnostic software and so as the part up here is Canada is over $400 he thinks I should take it in to the dealer to confirm. He is 98% sure this is the problem but will not advise due to the price of the part. Also, was in at the dealer today and they state that there are now two different replacement sensors and they need to see the bike first. My bike is a 2003 RT1150 RT.

Any suggestions, ideas?

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Remove the spark plugs and make sure they are grounded to the engine, turn the engine over with the starter looking for spark.


Google testing Hall Ignitions, I made a test light for hall sensor for less then 5 USD using parts available from Radio Shack.

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did you already check if the gas pump is working propertly

check the presur return sensor for relieve the exedent of presure of fule

check the sprak is grouned and working ...

check if the exaust smell gas wen you are tring to start you bike

check all grouned lines that comes out directly from your battery

check the relay and get a small hits on it when you are try to star your bike or get one common new an meke the test with each other swiching ones as time


if i had any other ideas i will make you know


good look





gs 650


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hi ... could you tell us how to made a sensor tester ...






k1200 rs

r1100 rs

gs 650

¡Hola, Felipe!


Welcome to the Discussion Board! It's always especially nice to welcome more members from other countries as well. :wave:


I think you'll find some great reading in this thread (click this link) that should keep you busy! :thumbsup:


Your English is far better than my Spanish will ever be, but if you get stuck on any of the technical English (or the many abbreviations/acronyms we've all started using to save time) be sure to post your questions as we've got quite a few members who know the technical stuff and are also fluent in Spanish to help you translate it.


Also, you might search the user list and find a member or two not too far from you to ride with. Next time you get to San Diego be sure to send me a PM (Private Message, that flashing envelope next to the tab above which says "My Stuff") and we'll give you a tour! :Cool:

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as we say in our country... con madre ...gracias ...


well actualy i work for GM ramos arizpe in mexico... i like travel a lot my far travel in bike was made to las vegas ... going to the north... and panama going south...


i will let you know if i had time in my work for more travels like thoes...


sincerly tks


best regards

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