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Sometimes I hate BMW


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I have a small brake fluid leak


You can see the dark spot.


On almost any other mechanical contraption...you could just replace that hose.


On my RT....









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Well no wonder it's leaking - it ain't never been washed!


Another +1 on braided steel lines. And you don't have to wash them to keep them working.

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No steel lines on the RT for me since it will be sold to make room for something else in the garage.


I tend to ride the GT more anyway. And it was washed in 2007 so there




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If that was my bike (I hate the tupperware dance), I'd also do the ABS and servo brake bleed, change out the fuel filter, swap to all metal fuel line connectors, consider replacing the headlamp and foglight bulbs with Osram Nightbreakers and do the valves and throttle body balance.


If that's all up to date, ignore my post.


Linz :)

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I have ranted in the past about how much stuff has to come off to do the simplist things. I just finished doing new SS brake lines. Rebuild of the master, new fuel filter, rebuild of the front calipers installed speed bleeders and filled and bleed the system including the ABS. When I was all done the front brake lever felt soft. I read here on the forum that after the brakes lock up and the ABS kicks off the firm feel will resume. It warmed up this past weekend and I went out to ride. Found a parking lot with gravel on it from the recent snow. Got up to about 20 mph grabbed a handfull of brake and locked it up and got the ABS to pulse. Did it twice since I had so much fun the first time. Low and behold the front brake lever is rock solid now. Now two of us have had the same experience and I would love to know why it does this.

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