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12RT...engine cut-outs


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started the bike yesterday morning, put in gear and off I went. The engine suddenly cut-out and the RID went blank. first time it did this on me :eek:. Started again and at the first jonction 100yrd later when I was going to turn right, same thing :mad:. It kept happening again and again but only at low speed.

I managed to drive it the dealership after stalling about 15 times. The tech put it on the central stand, fired-up the bike and turned the bar completely to the right and guess what...it cut-out :eek:

The tech said that it must be a cut wire in the ignition system (the module you insert the key in) that would be pulled out when the bar is turned to a point and would come back in place when that bar has passed that point back again. After further investigation it came up that he was right.


I don't know if it is a known issue and if there is a service bulletin or even a recall, but I consider myself lucky that these cut out only happened when the bar was turned almost all the way to the right, hence only at very low speed. It could have had serious consequences if the cut-out happened when the bar was slightly turned and at a fast pace on a twisty road....

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not that much...25000km (16k mls).

did this problem ever happened to anyone? The tech didn't hesitate long before he diagnosed a cut wire so I reckon he's seen this before....

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The issue was somewhat know on the R1100xx series, but this is the first I have heard of it on a R1200xx. Me thinks you basically got a one-off fluke.

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Me thinks you basically got a one-off fluke.

More like a lemon I would say. I already got the FD and the fuel pump electronic module replaced, the ESA needed attention too. If I look at the other known problems, I should be replacing the engine output shaft seal and the clutch disk very soon!

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