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History of the R1100RT


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1)Can anyone tell me the year that the R1100RT was introduced? I am thinking 1996, and it ran midways through 2002, when the R1150RT came out.Getting ready

to sell top case, called

Max BMW in N.H. and Drew (parts man) said it would fit 1994 R1100RT up; all 850 RT's, 1100RS (1992 + up); R1150RT (2002-up through mid 2005); and R1150 RS (2001-2204). I thought that the R1100RT was not introduced until 1996? I tried to search the web for range of when particular bmw models came out and their year ranges, but no luck. TIA.


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I thought the R1100RT ran from 1996 through 2001, then the switch to the 1150 was made in 2002 thru 2005, and then onto the R1200RT from 2005 to present.


actually...this says...1995 thru 2001....




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In the US


I bought my '02 R1150RT in April 2001 (and I have the low VIN to match).


The R1150RT was introduced as an '02 model in the spring of 2001. That's one reason that there as so many '02 year RT's, they sold them for two years!!!





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'96 was the first year the R11RT was available in the U.S. I ordered mine before they began importing them. BMW even gave a away T-shirt, "BMW R1100RT. I bought mine before they were here"

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these answers are all correct. the reason for the parts listing of 1995 is that is the first year it was available anywere. In the US it was a 1996 model. However I believe the actual production date is as early as Sept or Oct 1995. My 1100 has a manufacture date of nov 1995.

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Thanks for all your replies, guys! The parts guy must have made a mistake when he was reading the years on the R1100RT for which a 33L top case fits (as there wasn't any danged '94 R1100RT!)

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