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let me explaind you what happend...

i disarm my bike engine cause i was think was broken..


but hooo sorprise nothing goes wrong inside of my bikes engine...


but when i reassembly my bike`s engine i forgot place a spot or mark for put in the same place the gear and the chain timing on my bike...


i try to do this only placcing in the end point the cylinders an the valves too ... but my bike runs and make a strange noise ... not like a metal noise ... if like a carburation noise ...

i think that is only a littel bear out of timing time


could you give me any directinon with pics or diagrams for try to solve this mater










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I suggest you should obtain a workshop manual for your bike and look up the procedure for cam chain installation. It is actually not too difficult.


There are marks on the flywheel to locate TDC and even a notch to lock the engine there using a little factory tool. From there, there are marks on the camshaft pulleys that are aligned with the face of the cylinder head. The cams should be installed with the marks facing out on one cylinder and in on the other. There are notches in the camshaft ends the index the pulleys. They are easy to miss though so be careful.

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