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BMR Luggage Rack


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I can't really help you with that specific rack, but I have theirs for my 1150rt and I like it. I put it on only when I pack for camping and it only takes 4 thumbscrews to get it on/off. From the pictures, it looks like they kept that concept. It also looks like they made some other nice improvements too. Their workmanship is (or at least was) good. Sorry I can't tell you anything about this rack specifically, but if it is like their other products, it's probably good.

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I have the version for R1100RT; one of the most useful and well made accessories I have ever used.


The guy does fantastic fit and finish work.



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BMR products are quality made for the serious rider. I have the prototype of the Co-Pilot shelf that evolved into the one that you can see on the BMR web site, and even though it does not have the legs that go down and attach to the two bottom dash board support brackets, it is still a great and quite stable unit. I can imagine that if mine had the braces, I could mount my camera into the dash and get some great video.

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