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Who are you?


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BMWST Member


IBA Member


49 years old


Married twice. 1st - 14 years. 2nd– 14 years last month.


9 kids ages 14 - 27, 4 mine, 2 hers, and we adopted 3 more. 11 grandkids ages 1- 8.


I like to: ride, motorcycle tour, camp, fish, bicycle, play softball and basketball.


Teacher in CA … Always busy but plenty of time to ride!


Who are you?


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Nice thread to start!


62 years


been riding 40 years on/off


First bike a neighbors Triumph Bonneville - not registered, not inspected, no plates. I was too young to have a license. Ducked into alleys when I saw the law.


Then Honda 350-4, then Kawasaki 900.


Had kids, sold bike.


In my 50's kids gone, Bought R1200c, that got wrecked, bought R12rt. Absolutely the best bike ever.


Member local BMW MOA. Great group, no politics, just riding. www.carolinasbmwmoa.org.


Married twice, 2-1/2 years, now 30 years. 1 girl, 3 boys, one still in high school. Good kids, mom would "kill" them if they weren't.


I like riding in Europe but can't afford to go very often. No tour, just rent in Munich, see Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, back to Munich for Oktoberfest (the best party in the world).


Other interests: playing guitar, bass; building guitars, keeping two 1950's GM beaters running. (I hate Rochester carbs)


I appraise real estate (bummer right now)


Who's next?

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I'm 55 years old, married 32 years to a wonderful gal.


Got 2 kids, well adjusted, smart, happy, any parent would be proud of.


Got my first bike when I was 16, a Kawasaki 175 street bike, had a succession of bikes since. Now on my 3rd RT. I got a KLR a couple of years ago, now discovering lots of logging roads, BC is full of them.


I like wrenching, riding, handgun shooting, downhill skiing,camping, and traveling in spanish speaking countries. I've got a Corvette that is fun, and competes for riding time.


I too appraise real estate. Hoped to retire this year, but now waiting for the markets so show signs of recovery.


This has the makings of a fun thread.

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Hey, I too am a BMWST member! This is the only thing I'm a member of. (Well there is the school of hard knocks)


My intro http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=435510#Post435510


I'm 339 years old. (or 48 in human years)


I've only been married once. (Isn't hat enough?) I met my S.O. in '83, married her 09/11/1986, and if she comes home from work, I'm still married.


We have no kids, (Raising kids might interfere with my riding time) just an 18 year old cat.


I like to ride, hike, and fish. (Even though I seldom catch any)


I do computer networking for our local school district (even though I hate computers!) am a contractor for the state, and have my own pathetic little PC repair business. (I try to avoid clients, but they keep finding me)


At age 110 (15 1/2 human years) I got an MC endorsement, and have had a bike ever since. Riding is everything to me.


Red Bluff, that's God's country up there. HWY 36, 44, 32, 89... The list goes on.

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Oh well...


BMWST since very early


Memberships: BMWMOA since 1973, BMWRA, AMA, IBA, BMWBMW (BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington)


77 years young


Riding motorcycles since 1949 with very little interruption.


Married twice. 15 years first, 31 years and going second


One son from my wife, one daughter from me. Two grandsons from our son, age 16 and 22. Two granddaughters from our daughter, age 1 and 5.


I like to ride, and ride and ride, listen to classic music, travel to beautiful places.


Original main profession: computer systems programming and design for large IBM main frames, from very early. The first I worked with had vacuum tubes for electronics.


My retirement job: for the last 25 years BMW motorcycle business.



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Im 35.. been riding my whole life. First bike was a 1972 Honda CB350 I bought for $100 in 1991. Brought it home, couldnt get it running.. merged it with another 1973 CB350 purchased for $350.. I rode that my freshman year in college until I managed to get a 1976 CB750F.. moved up to a KZ1000.. after I graduated college in 1998 I bought a brandy new 2000 ZRX1100, which Im still riding, in addition to the Beemers.. (83 R80RT, 98 RT)


From Mass, living in RI.. wish I was living in California...

Been a Yankee Beemer off an on... BMWMOA.. (Im a BMF besides)

Divorced, work in software.. holding my breath until I can retire and ride full time...


Play guitar and piano when its cold and snowy..




Thats all I can think of..





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44 Years Old.


Still on the first marriage - going on 21 years.


No kids, other than the four-footed ones.


I've been riding since the late '70's.


Hobbies include music, woodworking, and riding. Although I'm tending more towards track riding on my ZX-6R than street riding on my R1100RT.


Operations Manager for financial management firm in Minnesota.

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36 years old


Rode on the back of a Wing until middle school.

First bike was 1972 Honda 70 I got Easter weekend in 3rd grade.

Rode my brothers 550 Suzuki in Highschool.


Hadn't really ridden since highschool until I got the 1200RT fall of 2007.


Married a year and a half but she has been putting up with me for 13 years.


Executive Director of an assisted living which is all memory care. Needless to say my days are always different.


Will be having a career change in August as a good friend of mine will be opening a Pain Management medical practice in southern Georgia and I have accepted to be his business manager.


No kids but have a dog and cat.





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Thirty thirteen years done. Been hospitalized above average (x10), married twice and before that seen else - a lot. First girl handled 7 years, present doing 6 and going to last.

Been drivin and ridin everything since I learned to walk.

Father was a rece driver, learned me not to race - takes fortunes and we didnt have our own.

No own kids, got them second hand with her. So three boys from 13-22, two of them still suspicious about moving on their own =)

Two shepherd dogs, nice boat, two bikes, two Audis, two museum age cars, two horses and two times more things to do.

No job - thankfully


Member of:

BMW Club Finland

IBA Fin...

Audi Club Fin...


Yacht Club

Sharp shooters Club


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I am 61

Been married for 32 years, and still madly in love

One boy, going to college in Lost Wages, Nev.

I like to ride; fish; camp; shoot.(haven't hunted in many years)

Drink Dark Beer;

My wife says that my nature will not let me retire, but I will try on Jan 1, 2010 when I hit 62.

Started riding in 1968. Got my first Electra Glide in 1973. Have a 1997 FLSTC; 1972 Honda 90 and 06 F650GS single now.

Live at the base of the beautiful Sierra's on 10 acres of Pine; Cedar and Oak trees with Deer; Racoons; Possums; Wild Turkey and one old, Mangy Dog.

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54 and feel like it! Back surgery 4 years ago, broken throttle arm last year. BUT....I rode 21 miles to work today, 28° this morning!


Married to Barb....twice. 34 years total!

29 year old married daughter and 10 week old grandson!!!


Ordained Deacon in the Catholic Church, June 2007. Diocese of Gary Indiana.


Rode my buddy's Cushman at 13. First bike was a yamaha 80cc at age 14. No idea how many bikes since then...40 maybe?? My 2006RT is my 5th BMW. Also own 3 VWs. The oldest is a 1974 sand rail that I used to race. Now I ride the dunes in Michigan.


Like wrenching, riding, partying, shooting, and ministering to others.

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55 yrs old

retired cop with a full service pension

still work as a part-time motor cop

married 31 yrs

2 kids, son an Air Force Staff Sergeant, daughter in her junior year in college

private pilot, SEL and rotorcraft ratings

restoring old cars, motor sports spectating, attending swap meets and politics are my hobbies

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43 yrs old

Operating Engineer(yep that guy in the big yellow machine making your commute hell) Former President of an OMG(outlaw motorcycle club)now retired from being a dirtbag and loving it.

On my first marriage to a wonderful woman who happens to be a teacher. I waited till I was done being a slut to get hitched and it took till I was 38. No kids with wife but I have a 19yr old daughter.

My first bike was a 5hp brigs and straton doodle bug at 5yrs old, moved on to Yamaha dt80 and then a few other dirt machines. At 15 my dad gave me a basket case 51 HD pan head and said when I got it together I could ride it Got my licence at 16 MC only and went thru about 20 Harleys and a few Fast Japanese bikes until getting the RT last year.

My hobbies are hiking and camping, and my religion/therapy is riding.

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Member of BMWST (new and enjoy it), AOPA, Reserve Officer Association

47 years young

Married to my Officer Training School (USAF) sweetheart (who is now a full bird Colonel) 22 years.

3 kids - 16 year old son, 12 year old daughter, 9 year old son - tons of fun!

Enjoy motorcycles (road and dirt), playing on my Kubota, LSU football, church, surfing in search of my near fututre 1200RT

I am a pilot for Delta Airlines, currently on active duty with the AF Reserve Command as the Chief of War Plans

Have seen the world as an aviator but want to go see it again with my spousal unit and I want to do some overseas motorcycle tours


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Yeeha! Stephen

BMWST Member


IBA, AMA, MOA, IBMWR, BMWRA, ADV, TWTex.com (Two Wheeled Texans) MTF (Motorcycle Tourers Forum) BMWDFW (Ft Worth Club) Lonestar BMW (Dallas Club) Member


56 years old


Twice... 1st Marriage - 12 years. Miss Vicki – 15 years.


3 kids... ages 22 to 38 , 1 mine, 2 hers, and 5 grandkids ages 5 to 20.


I like to: ride, motorcycle tour, car travel, camp, fish, boat, read, day dream, study maps, lie... er, tell tall tales.


Local Water Dept Customer Service 33 yrs … Always busy but plenty of time to ride!


Who are you?




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54 years

Motorcycles since age 6 ( ok Sears moped first )

No children

COO computer company N.American Division

Airplanes - Commercial Pilot

Spouse is retired Banker

In need of market recovery so I can retire


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52 years old


Been riding since I was 4.


BMWMOA member.


My three older brothers raced scrambles and flat track growing up, got me into motorcycles at a very young age. I raced once in the mini-bike class and even got 1st place!


Married twice. 1st 13 years, this one 10.


Daughter 23 has just became an RN and step-son 19 in his first year of college.


I have worked for a major international communications firm for 32 years. It starts with an a and ends with a t.


My wife and I love to tour on the RT especially to mile and half-mile dirt tracks and road races around the country. I also love older bikes to tinker with and get running again. Between my brother and I the count is up to eight bikes. The wife thinks we're nuts, but some people fish, hunt gamble...you get the picture.


I have played drums and bass guitar in bands since I was a mere 14 years old when my parents would drive us to the dances we would play. I still play in a cover band called The Meteors (insert shameless plug here) myspace.com/littlerockmeteors. We play mostly private parties and a few local clubs just to keep the chops sharp.

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50 years old

Married 27 years and counting

One son living in Hawaii

Bought my first BMW from Paul Mihalka

Spent the first 44 years in DC area. Moved to NC.

IT Project Management and Software development

Have had lots of bikes. Currently an 08 1200RT and 01 Road King

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I'm 48, was married for 24 years and now a childless widower, but with a beautiful SO for the past three years. She has three children and three grandchildren, so it is fun for me to get some life experiences with children.


I work for the State of Wisconsin, and have 22 years in an early retirement job. I did motorcycle sales at a Harley/BMW dealer while going to college.


My first bike way back was a Z50 Honda, that I bought from a neighbor kid for $50. Enduros, Honda and Suzuki street bikes, and now the BMW R1100 RT. I commute to work on the bike and use it for weekend trips.


I live in the country with a big old dog, a three pawed cat and a mule. Some of the things I like to do are bicycling, camping, fishing, snowshoeing, cross country sking, walking, and of course riding motorcycles.


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58 years young; MOA, MOA of Ga., AMA. Married to Karen for 36 years (a very tolerant lovely woman) 25 yearr old daughter and 22 year old son (waiting for grandchildren but I can wait until they're married!) 1st BMW a R50 when 16 years. I started a small graphics company in 1981 and still at it trying to survive current economy. Had a sabatical from riding for 25 years; decided I wanted a BMW so I found BMWST and have formed some great friendships from this site of which I am deeply grateful! BTW currently recovering from a total knee replacement, OUCH!

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62, married 41 years, 2 grown children, 1 grandchild.

First bike, at age 54, was an '01 Triumph Bonneville. Still have it, a 2000 Triumph Trophy 1200, and an '08 RT.

Retired from Amtrak, now working as Finance Director for a non-profit offering homecare for seniors, Board President of a dental clinic for low-income folks, and fundraising chairman of a new organization to house homeless families in church facilities. I'm considering making some changes, because I have little time to ride my bikes, and I'm anxious to take the RT on a loonnng trip!

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50 years of age this month.

Married 19 years.

2 sons.

LEO 27 years, specifically Traffic Homicide Investigator.

Motor Officer 8 years.

Recreational motorcyclist 34 years.

Currently riding '07 K12S and '08 Triumph America.




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41 year old married Chica. Married to my husband 14 years, no kids but two cats and two busy careers. Passionate about riding, currently have a 99 R1100RT named Helga and a 2008 R1200 GS adventure named Stella. Hubby also passionate about riding owns an 2006 LT and a 2008 R1200 GS. Love to travel and play outside. How about you?

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43 years old. Never married :( and no children. I don't own a bmw anymore but started on one back in 2003. I got my motorcycle license first (before my driver's license) in NJ no less. I think i'm the only one to do this? one never knows. That was a 1980 Yamaha Special II 650 vertical twin (aka a japanese triumph).

I'm a graduate engineer but work as a prod. planner for a large defense contractor (actually they're headquarters are in the same country as Triumph).

Riding since i was 17 but with an 8 year gap before i owned the RT.

interests are wrenching, computers and working on the bike and recently re-started my hobby of playing the sax! (started last march) and also joined a community band that does concerts and other various activities. Taking lessons as well.

Pets? i have one cat (jake)

oops, forgot my bike...2006 FJR1300 but its probably in my sig line.

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Your good natured gift for gab has forum members sharing stuff publicly, normally reserved for 1-on-1 interaction. I'm surprised by the open responses.


Me? OK, just a little bit...

Nearing 62, somewhat prematurely "retired" by my former tech sector employer 3 mos ago (strategic procurement/industrial manufacturing, meaning my job was to source quality custom fabrications domestically at a lower total cost. Now, my job and most others are outsourced to China). I never married, therefore no kids. My loss.


First bike in 1966 was Honda CB50 ("you meet the nicest people on a Honda"), followed by many "real" motos (all street) since 1971. I've always had at least one bike (typically two or more - they used to be much cheaper!) in my garage until downsizing to a new FJR in 2004. First BMW was 1981 R100RS delivered in Freimann (adjacent to BMW's "Tea Cup" museum) prior to riding the Alps 3 weeks - what a trip!).


I'm not sayin' anything else, except that I truly enjoy riding my RT...




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42 years.


Married twice, 4 yers first, 19 years and still going strong 2nd.

I got 4 girls, 1 son (he rides-chose a motorcycle over a car), 1 girl puppy and 1 girl cat.

I like to ride, went torrey last year and had the best time in years!

I am a shooter, IM pretty decent with a rifle and silly good with a pistol. I like hiking,my wife, boy and dog go every weekend. And, we are canyon twisty riders.

I am an IT Infrastructure Architect (Fancy words for Designer and Planner).

We are San Gabriel valley based.

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49 years young

Married 2x first 10 years, now 13 years


Six kids 2 mine 2 hers 2 ours ages 10-19


Riding started in 1969 on a Briggs Minibike, Honda QA50, Suzuki

TS-50+90, Yamaha DT125, RD400, 550Seca, 14 year break, now R1150RT plus bikes in my sig for me and the rest of the gang.


Bitten by Long Distance riding bug in '05 Competing in '09 IBR


Enjoy Snowmobiling, Sporting Clays and shooting in general, RC Modeling


Wife began riding her own ride last year, four of the six kids ride.


Own health care staffing company.

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BMW MOA, BMW Riders Assoc International Member


48 years old


Married for almost 24 years ...


2 kids -- daughter senior in college, son freshman in college


Retired from US Navy last July (26 yrs), now military contractor


started riding in high school (Moped to school) ....


5 bikes: 1982 Yahama 250, '83 Yahama 550 VISION, '96 BMW 850RA, '02 1150RT, '09 1200 RT


I like to: ride, motorcycle tour, play golf, and ride some more!


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40 Yrs old American Male, born with the "Motorcycle" gene!


Married 3 years to a Gorgeous 27 Yr Old Thai wife (did I mention she is gorgeous :thumbsup:)


No children (yet) too selfish and busy and married late in life I guess!


We live in Thailand about half the year in Hollywood (not near the celebrities) or somewhere else on the planet!


Hobbies: Riding bikes, restoring old cars and trucks, more riding, annoying my wife, and more riding!


Occupation: Dude, what's that? OK, Agent


Addictions: Old cars and motorcycles, New cars and motorcycles, any TV show or Movie about Old or New cars or motorcycles! Chocolate, Mexican food and Chips-O-Hoy cookies!


What else am I required to say?



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54 years old, Investment Advisor, married 31 years

Enduro in my Teens, Moped during University, back to riding 5 years ago with HD, switch to BMW 2 years ago as I discovered long distance Touring

Ride as much as I can, play Golf as much as I can, cook and drink Wine

Have been fortunate to see a lot of the world with my Bride

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61 but who's counting?

Married 38 years (same woman). She's a saint and must think that I am a keeper.

Three sons. All healthy and never been in jail.

One beautiful 14 year old grandaughter.


My wife has 4 dogs, two large tropical fish aquariums and she collects jewellery. She has never been on motorcycle even though I have had one(or more)most of the time since I was 13. She really doesn't like me riding but she bites her lip 99.99% of the time. She does her best jewellery collecting when I am away on motorcycle trips.


I worked in thermal power plants for about 33 years before retiring (the first time). Pension wasn't big enough for me to afford the motorcycle trips so I am working on a second pension as an examiner of power engineers and probably will work as long as I want to take motorcycle trips of any duration.


In my spare time in the winter, I read, tinker, make wine, clean jewellery and drink a little wine. Come April my spare time is more about riding and drinking wine ... not together.


Current ride is a sassy red headed 1150RT plus a sassy red headed Audi TT. Come to think of it, the wife is a sassy red head too.


Life is good.

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44 years old


Married for almost 20 years, no kids.


I'm a mechanical engineer working in computers.


Rode a Honda 90 in high school. Got a Honda CX500 in college. Gave up riding when I moved to San Jose and started commuting HWY 17 to Santa Cruz. Thought I was done forever.


Two years ago, my wife decided she wanted to learn to ride. I knew if there was a cycle around, I would want to ride. Went to MSF, got an F650CS, commuted for a year. Got my R12RT a year ago.


Other Hobby: Large format photography (still have not figured out how to pack that 50 lbs of camera gear on the bike!)



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Chronologically 56 years of age.


Been riding motorcycles for 41 years.


My trade, road construction supervision and inspection.


Married 35 years, one great son, one sweet granddaughter.


I have been riding since 1968 from small beginnings to my present BMW. It has been a real journey of discovery.


1) Suzuki M12 50cc Red

2) Suzuki A100 100cc Red

3) Suzuki T-305 305cc Blue - 1st wheelie Bike

4) 66' Norton Atlas 750cc - sounded and ran well then broke in short order

5) Bultaco Lobito 125cc - wanted dirt Bike

6) 69' Kawasaki Samurai 250cc Blue - wanted street Bike

7) 73' Yamaha RD250 Blue - ran like a stripped ass ape until plugs fouled

8)75' Suzuki T-500 Blue

9) 78' Suzuki GS-750E Burgundy - swapped the black tank and trim with standard 750

10) Sears 106cc - ridden in the dirt (1st Italian Bike)

11)83' Honda CB1100F Blue - best and worst Bike syndrome

12)86' Moto Guzzi LeMans 1000 Red (of course!) - Opened up another whole world of riding experience and sphere of life long friendships

13) 94' Triumph 900 Daytona (Canadian model) yellow - when going very fast or slow must remember a heavy Bike

14) 01' Triumph Speed Triple Blue – Great for bending the rules & ruling the bends !

15) 06’ BMW R1200ST Charcoal/Granite Gray – 1st Beemer, a beast between 6k RPMs & redline


Member of following:




SARDINES: Fraternal Order of Motorcycle Swine (moto-"Pack'em tight, go like stink!")

RAINRIDERS: (moto-"When it rains, we soar!")

Speed Crazed Riders Of The Ultimate Motorcycles, more commonly know as the SCROTUMS (moto-"Balls out and going nuts!)


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BMWST Member




44 years old


Married twice. 1st - 3 years. 2nd– 1 year Now married for 8 years and going....


Twin daughters age 5.


I like to: ride, motorcycle and ride motorcycle and ride motorcycle. Best is being a Dad.


LEO for 21 years. 16 of them on a motor. My last year though :cry:



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62 years old.

Married for 30 years to an artist

Managing partner for an executive marketing firm headquartered

in Denver. (In other words still working).

Two successful kids.

One daughter works for an international public relations firm in San Francisco

Oldest daughter is a singer songwriter married to Brian Vander Ark of the Verve Pipe (For those who remember his hit in the 90's, The Freshman).

One wonderful grandaughter named Evangeline at 3 1/2 years of age.

Started on a 750 Honda in Mexico avoiding pigs, dogs and burros.

Went to a smaller Yamaha and a succession of Kawi's 1500 and 1600 Vulcans.

Had a 1200 RT and moved to an 08 1200 R (luuuuuv it!) and a Kawi Versys (fun factor very high!)

Hobbies, riding, riding horses, hiking, drinking wine, going to music venues, eating good food, traveling and learning to play the bagpipes (Very hard!).



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Dave in Doodah

Patriot Guard Riders member.


45 years old.


Married twice. 1st - 15 years. 2nd – 1.5 years yesterday, and counting.


3 wonderful kids - ages 16, 14, 12.


Dog lover - currently have 3.


I like to: run; ride; drive; read; listen to music; drink beer; maintain the bike & cars; play tennis; go to concerts, hockey games, car races, and scuba dive with my wife; pick up my kids from school.


Aero structures/systems engineer in Kansas - most riding is commute, but working on changing that.


1st bike - CB700SC when I graduated college. 2 boxers since then.


Thanks for asking... Who are you?

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Wow, Paul!! What a great thread and what great responses!! :thumbsup:


It was great meeting you at the last DVD in January and you're obviously yet another really great addition to the family!


I've really enjoyed reading all the posts! Unfortunately, my own story is somewhat boring by comparison:


ONLY 43 years old (and PROUD member of the BMWST.com FaceBook cougar fan club! :rofl: ), started learning to ride when I was 14 and bought my first bike . . . in pieces in a box (a Honda 70) . . . when I was 16 and the rest is history. I think most of the rest is covered in my paean to my lovely bride shortly after she took over command of this ship of fools:


Who is this Leslie person?

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Age: 30 years


Married for almost 7 years


1 daughter age 4


2 dogs- 1 mutt and 1 purebred bernese mountain dog


Career: Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer


Hobbies: Motorcycles, trucks, boats, quads, camping, RC cars, dogs, movies, anything requiring tools in the garage, car stereo


Currently on my 8th BMW bike

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53 yrs young - although some days it feels like I'm two clicks from the grave - mindset is around 27 so I still enjoy a good time


Married to a wonderful women for 26 yrs, she makes me a better person


2 great kids - 23 yr old daughter living in Mont, AL - medical field

21 yr old son in college studying girls and the bottom of a beer bottle


Work career started out in aviation as an A-P mechanic working in around the world for 8+yrs - lived in Middle East 4yrs on contract work - Private Pilot with Commerical/CFI/Multi/Instrument ratings/Not current. Career progressed over time to working in Corporate Real Estate/Fortune 500 arena to present position as Owner of a Facility Management Company. Have 30 plus employees - spend alot of time herding sheep.


Motorcycles - Triumph trophy 250 as a pax - planted the seed

Yamaha 250 enduro - rode this 2 stroke all the way to Washington

Honda 750 real fast, too many tickets

Triumph 500 - couldn't keep the damn thing running

Honda 250 Elsinore - great dirt bike

BMW R650 - got back into riding

Kawasaki Klr 250 & EX250


Hobbies: fly fishing, tandem road bicycle w/wife, golf, enjoying a good wine, motorcycles and anything that keeps me active

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Nice n Easy Rider

60 years old

Married 38+ years (all to the same great woman)

No children

2 dogs, both lab mixes from adoption groups

Rode for 25 years, stopped for 16 years, and then started up again 1 1/2 years ago (and loving every minute of it)

Enjoy any beer with some body to it

Enjoy a good wine as well

Was at the University for 9 years, then in the biotech industry for 9 years

Been back at the University for 14 years

Work focused on developing new treatments for inflammation and cancer

Enjoy travel, particularly to Europe

One of my bucket list goals is to ride across Europe (but I'm happy to practice doing the same for the US)

Much of my spare time now spent working on several Town advisory boards

Enjoy being a BMWST member and having the opportunity to read, learn and enjoy from it

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53 years old


married for 24 years


2 great kids...Daughter in medical field been in 120 cities and 5 countrys in the last 24 months...Son a chef in 5 star 5 diamond resturant (I can not afford to eat in :P)


been riding off and on for 41 years.


Hobby..restoring old motorcycles...currently working on restoring a 1974 Yamaha DT250 and a 1969 Bridgestone 200 Mach II RS.. Former hobbys include custom knifemaking, collecting old guitars, collecting 50's and 60's sports cards, Shooting sports, camping, hunting, fishing, being outdoors...


Business..Industrial control systems work from home..


2 dogs


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29 years old (for two more weeks at least)


Never married, but that will change later this year (mid Oct)


No kids of my own, but my fiance has an 11 yr old Daughter who lives with us. So I've been playing step Dad for the past 6 years


We have 1 dog and 1 cat.


I started riding when I was about 9 or so. My older Sister and I pooled our money together for a year and went in together on buying a late '70s Honda Trail 70. I rode the crap out of that thing until I was about 16. Then took a little hiatus till I was 20 when I bought my '93 Katana 750.......then the '97 GSXR1100......now the R1100RT. Next, I think I'm gonna get something I don't feel bad about getting filthy.


I'm a pretty typical gearhead. I do all of my own work on my cars and bikes. If it has moving parts and makes vroom vroom sounds, I will most likely get excited. I also hunt, fish, go camping, obviously ride motorcycles, and most of all I like traveling and spending time with friends.

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Age 60


Teach computer science at a community college so lots of free time to ride - especially throughout New England. I've been teaching for 37 years with no plans to retire.


I'm a widower after my wife passed away 7 years ago. She blessed me with a beautiful daughter - now a TV news anchor - and a handsome son who are both married and successful in life. I’m fortunate to have met a special women who loves to ride pillion on trips of any length.


Rode my first motorcycle on a whim three years age and immediately purchased a 2001RT on the recommendation of a friend. 36,000 miles later, I can't wait for spring. I might ride this weekend if the roads are OK - temperature doesn’t matter so much with electrics.


Member of The Yankee Beamers MOA, RA, and AAA.


Biking plans this summer include attending the MOA/RA rallies, the UNrally in NH, visiting my daughter in New Orleans, and touring PEI.


When not on my RT, I like mountain biking, golf, skiing and time on Cape Cod.



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43 years old

Married, three girls in my life: two daughters - 3 and 9 months and a yellow lab


I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro- Brazil. My first bike was a 85' yamaha DT180 followed by a honda XLX 250. Moved to NJ in 87 and spend 10 years running a Rescue Squad/ EMT. Three years in the Bay Area which forced me to get my first BMW 99 RT for daily commute/splitting lanes and joined this website when Carry started. Moved to Hawaii in 2000, met my wife, bought a house, got married and bought myself a 2004 RT as a wedding present. Today I'm a happy father and an Aircraft Line Maintenance Manager for a major Airline and commutes to work on my 08' RT.


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50 years of age.


Married for 17 years with no kids.


Work as a CMM Programmer / QC Inspector for a large American owned globe company for the last 25 years.


Live in a small town about 40 Kms. north east of Toronto where I grew up.


Rode my buddies dirt/enduro bikes over a couple of summers in my teens and finally had the cash to buy a Honda CB450T at 24 years old and have been riding ever since.


After the Honda came a '81 Kawasaki GPz1100 then '85 Ninja 900 the a '93 Suzuki GSXR1100 and finally the '06 R1200RT.


I also have a '75 Kawasaki S3 400 (see avatar) which I built out of a box of parts and am now building a KH400 with an H1 500 engine. Can you say "wheelie machine"! :grin:


Great thread by the way!

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60 years of freakin' age.


Avoided marriage until 3 years ago (because some of us don't mature real quickly). 2 terrific step kids (17 and 20).


Extremely good at a job that bores me to tears.


First ride at age 21 (2 six packs of Jax, a friend's bike, and, "Hey, dudes, watch this!!!" Much mirth ensued).


First bike a Kaw S3 ('73) in 1973, riding ever since.


Greatest accomplishment: avoiding a Darwin Award...see "hey, dudes," above and similar brain freezes.


BMWST member, and one of these days I'll actually make it to an Un or other event.

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OK -- taking the plunge. Also 60 years of freakin' age. It's hard to say and even harder to believe. Started riding 3 years ago -- it was on my bucket list. I am still willing to be a beginner which makes many things possible.


Married twice -- nearly 14 years the first time and going on 25 years with my new bride. Got it right this time. Great fun and loves to ride with me. Two girls from the first marriage and one girl from the second. Ages 37, 35 and 19. I know what you are thinking. Three grand kids -- all very cool.


Was an educator 20 years -- decided to be my own guy, up and quit a very secure job to start my own consulting firm. Good move for me. We are a small firm specializing in strategic issues and leadership development -- in 35+ countries! Still astounds me.


Crashed my first bike (1100 VStar) replaced it with a a duplicate, got my confidence back and stopped being an idiot (well, not totally). Moved to an RT and added a Wee Strom. Love them both but not in a romantic way.


Like the others, I have found riding, wrenching and the fellowship to be a big part of my life.


Hope to see you at Tech Daze at Samsar's or at the UnRally in NH.


If the snow ever melts.

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Age 47

Married 15 years to a wonderful motorcycle-tolerant woman

No two-legged kids, one beagle and one yellow labrador

Motorcycling since I was 18

Just traded my K12RS for an R1150RT

Family Physician, former tech nerd

Other interests: Fishing, guitar, history, playing hockey with other old guys

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56 yrs young

married (same gal) 32 yrs

2 great kids, son(married) 28 + 1 yr old grandson, daughter 25 (engaged)

1st bike - triumph 250 in early 70's in england

took a 30 yr hiatus

2nd bike - 4 yrs ago - '78 Honda GL1000

current ride - Jun 2008 '00 BMW R1100RT

beginning rider - enjoying the learning process

interests - sailing, sea kayaking, winter camping, climbing, snowshoeing, homebrew....

looking forward to a lighthouse tour of lake superior this summer....and figuring out what touring/camping is all about


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