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Clutch question


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Where on the forum can I check on some procedures pertaning to a clutch replacement? thanks


Do a search on "spline lube" or "clutch replacement" There should be a bunch of stuff. Also, the Avdrider.com Hall of Wisdom section has some good info with photos.

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If it's for your RT, I have a six page checklist for lubing the splines, which is essentially the same procedure. I can email it to you if you send a pm. Also, there is a good video on spline lube and clutch replacement for the 1100RT. It's about the same procedure except for the mechanical rather than hydraulic clutch throw-out. Also, I prefer the BMW shop manual on CD over the aftermarket manuals. You can find it floating around the internet.

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Yep, just use the search function under a number of topics and also check the tech link. I had to replace mine shortly after I bought it (used/salvaged) and those sources were a real help.




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