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NY to ATL ...... the end of Feb


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Well I found a pretty cool machine up just north of NYC. Guess I'll fly in to LGA, the end of Feb and ride it back to Atlanta.


I had hoped to snag Ren's RT but somebody from WI beat me to it...


So, I'll pack the Gerbings, Stich and cold weather socks and a toothbrush.


Hopefully no storm will blow through and I'll head down 95 to get South as quickly as I can. Guess I could ship it but that would cost twice as much.... but might not be a bad idea.


Comments from you folks north of VA.

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If you have the flexibility of picking your day, it should be possible. To consider that after it snowed the roads can be ridden but are filthy with melted snow/salt run-off. Depends how dirty you are willing to get your new to you bike.

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It's a toss up end of Feb. Late Feb averages around 31 low to 45 high in NYC, and it's very common to get nice riding days throughout February.


There is a chance that you could be shut down. You can get anything from spring-like conditions to flat out impossible to ride, although late season big snows are unusual. A guess, based on gut feel only, would be that you have about an 85% chance of rideable (although maybe not enjoyable) weather. Would the owner hold the bike if you can't make it?



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That ride down 95 really sucks. I would look at shipping it. No matter what time you go, when you try to get through New York City, it's always backed up. Tractor-trailers everywhere, construction delays, wrecks, etc.

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Calvin  (no socks)



1. Wait till the masses head to bike week.

2. Find a volunteer that you trust.

3. Pow....smack dab in Daytona Beach for the circus. :grin:

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Avoid 95 altogether if you can. Cross into NJ via the GWB or better the Tappan Zee bridge, head south on the Garden State Parkway to I78, cross NJ and into PA and pick up 81S around Harrisburg. Follow 81S till it ends in Knoxville and then pick up 40W. Detour in the middle of K'ville onto 640 and then pick up 40W again. 75S from there will take you straight home.


This way you will avoid the miserable traffic around both NYC and DC, you'll only travel about 80 miles further. You should be OK as to weather but you may need to duck out for a day enroute if things do get crappy. This time of year storms tend to be pretty mild and of short duration once you clear that NE corridor. If it's really nice and has been for a couple of days, the Blue Ridge Parkway is an option if you don't mind a lower average speed. Could see a bit of snow up there when its clear on 81.

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I purchased my RT from a guy outside Atlanta. I had it shipped to CT for about 700 bucks. The few bucks you're saving flying up and riding back can't be worth the cold, miserable, February ride back.

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This time of year in these parts the nastiest thing to watch out for in the am and late pm and in the shadows is the Black ice that forms after melts, rain and puddle formation, if your not comfortable with that.....



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I did the same thing 2 years ago, first weekend of March. I bought my r1200rt from a guy just south of NYC. Flew in and rode out. I foolishly thought, "I'm so close to NYC, why not ride into Manhattan Saturday morning when I pick up the bike?"

I'd been to Manhattan before, but never riding. I thought I would do a quick riding tour of the the city. After sitting for an hour trying to get through the tunnel - nearly overheating my new bike several times - I finally emerged into the city. Immediately a cab came 2 inches from clipping my side case and it was ON! Cabs were apparently trying to hit me as I dodged one after another. I was completely terrified and got the heck out of town ASAP.


I went west and then south to avoid 95. It was really windy and lightly snowing through Pennsylvania. I was wearing my stich and every warm piece of clothing I could fit under it, but I was still COLD. I didn't have Gerbings then, but it was my first purchase when I got back. It was tolerable while on the bike, but when I would stop to eat or get fuel I would start the whole body shake that I couldn't stop. The next morning I started on the Blue Ridge Parkway, where my fairly accurate thermometer said it was 17 degrees. That was a fantastic ride though. I plugged along all day and made it home late that night to a 50 degree Atlanta. Not bad, but waiting a month probably would have been better.


Hope you enjoy the ride,




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Well, you guys have pretty much killed that urge to ride back...LOL


I've arranged to take a load of doors to MD in my pickup.


I'll have about a half day on Friday to hangout. Anybody want to have dinner Friday night??


My bike's pickup location is just north of the city, up around Fort Montgomery near Hwy 6, so about 5-6 hours further that the drop.


I'll take my enclosed trailer also to bring back a nice clean RT instead of one that'll take days to cleanup.


I'm going to cut over on 6 west to I-84 to I-81 and south and stay away from 95.


When I get back, I'll just unload, pack up and head to Daytona to cure my riding itch.

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