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Can I get some feedback please...?


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Can I ask what you would be willing to pay for this style "wheel chock"..?






This guy I know has several for sale and has asked me to get some feed back from the 'cycle community. He's a non rider.


I told him I would see how it will work/fit in the middle of a Kendon "dual rail" trailer .

Thanks much.

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I'd pay $39.98.


being the cheap bastard I am.......I'd wait for a sidewalk sale and pick it up for 29.98, and not a penny more. But thats just me :grin:

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Hey Rich, how are things in the frozen north?

Everythings Cool man ...coool!

'what up in ATL....!

Finally...I hope... the big thaw has begun.

Planning to skip outta town this week if all works out. (no work,why not ride!)

Headed down towards Texas to visit #1 son and Big Ben.

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Hey Rich, how are things in the frozen north?


58° on Saturday, 52° today, 60° tomorrow. :grin:


Having lived in Chicago for 25 years (and northern Illinois for 45) I know how easy it is to get fooled by some nice February weather. :) Enjoy it, but you still have to get through March! :P

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Richie Baby, that is a fine looking trailer, it looks like it will hold 3 dirt bikes or one full sized bike. hope you have a wonderful time.

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Does the trailer has torsion bar suspension? Kinda look like it in the photo. Very nice looking trailer and I bet you could sell them if you wanted.......

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