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Bisbee, AZ


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John: I was thinking about going to Bisbee for a few months to do some offroad riding in the hills but I was wondering about your opinion about how safe it is to do so.


I ask because I did some contract work for a government agency in Nogales about 20 years ago and it was interesting. When the agency found out I had booked a hotel room in Nogales, they cancelled it and made me commute from Tucson every day as they deemed it unsafe to be in Nogales at night even in a locked hotel room, and that was way before the narco gangs got organized.


So what do you think John? Would you feel safe tooling around in the mountains by yourself in the Bisbee area?





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Bisbee is a "resort" town and you shouldn't have any problems in that area. It is not right on the border but probably 25 miles or so from Douglas which is the local border town. It is also not far from Sierra Vista which is an Army town and a very nice little city with many hotels. I ride around those hills all the time and don't have any problems. You'll see quite a few border patorl guys in 4X4s, quads, horses and motorbikes. It is really nice riding in that area.

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Bisbee is in the hills and not a good border crossing...so relatively safe.

The Inn at Castle Rock is reasonable and quite nice.

A leftover from the hippie days.

The old mine is in the dinning room.

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And let us know if you come. We sometimes make house calls if you are willing to pretend to want to see us.


Bisbee is a cool town and has lots of interesting lodging choices. Snoop a little

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Hey guys, what's the likelihood of snow and crap near Flagstaff in the next ten or so days?


I'm going to be heading back from San Diego and have been advised to stay in Bisbee but I want to try to get to the Grand Canyon and maybe Painted Desert.


Any recommendations for a non slap route?

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters
Hey guys, what's the likelihood of snow and crap near Flagstaff in the next ten or so days?

I think it's a gamble.

They've had 40" since Saturday with another storm heading in toward the end of the week.

Bisbee sounds like a good bet.

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