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It takes one to catch one - vintage BMW ads


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Yeah it's winter (read: plenty of time to waste on the internet)... A fun vintage Honda ad:

I won't tell you who it was who grew up riding trials, and was at Saddleback Park one day when the On Any Sunday film crew was there, and loaned Malcolm Smith that Montesa Cota he's seen riding in the film, and got to know Malcolm, and who later went to work at Honda's ad agency after a stint at Cycle World, and who wrote that commercial with Malcolm in mind. Nope. Won't tell you who.


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This guy is a character! He use to sell BMW parts out of his house back in Cleveland! Had fricken engines and tranny's sitting on his kitchen table and a whole back room of shelfs and bins with any part you'd ever need for a BMW, this was back in the early 80's, remember seeing his bike which set the record.

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Unfortunately it's impossible to read most of the ad's but they do bring back memories...


They have a link to a site where you can buy the ads'


Cool. They sell some of the Danny Liska ads Butler/Smith used to run.


For all you kiddies, Liska was the original "adventure rider."

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