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Taekwondo as a fitness regimen?

John Ranalletta

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Spent several years in my earlier days studying Okinawan Shorin-Ryu, a style somewhat different than Taekwondo. As with anything else in life, the experience will boil down to what you put into it, and the quality of the instruction. Having said that, I'd put Martial Arts in the top 5 for beneficial fitness regimens, add in the learning aspect and it's a can't lose.


Have fun!

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Jiu Jitsu or Tai Chi will probably get you more benefits than a discipline with more emphasis on strikes and kicks and with far less potential for damage to yourself. Tai Chi only looks soft, trust me, it ain't.

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TKD will get your heart rate up. LOTS of kicking as its origin used kicking as self defense.


I for one did not like TKD due to that. It was a great work out though. I prefer Aikido or its counterpart the more devastating Aki-ju-jitsu.


Fancy kicking is just that. Anything kicking the waist is a waste of time and clearly to a disadvantage to the person delivering a kick.


If it is for self defense I suggest another art form. If only for cardiac benefits then plz do....it will work if you do it often enough.

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Lots of experience. You will exercise every muscle in your body. Especially the leg muscles which are the largest muscles in the body. This equals high calorie burn. You will get your heart rate up quickly and if the instructor is good you will maintain a high HR for nearly the entire class. Eat proper and any excess weight will drop like a stone. There is more to TKD than just kicking however and many instructors toss in grappling and joint locks borrowed from other disciplines.

BTW most street fights end up on the ground where TKD is of little benefit. Give me three steps toward the door, run like hell or carry a pistol.

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I did some in Korea while stationed there many years ago. The sadistic instructors beat me up but it was invigorating.

For a unique and extremely good workout that is practically a no-cost situation, try the kettlebells. The kettlebells are expensive or you can purchase some DVD's by Kettleworx.com and buy the bells through them. Now that is one heck of a workout.


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