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Cars that are cop magnets. What about bikes?


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My impression is that speeding or wheelying "crotch rockets" are prime magnets, but LEOs are reluctant to chase them down because of the danger of them escaping at high speed and killing somebody or themselves, or the LEO having a accident because of the high speed chase. I understand that some (most?) Police Districts have rules against high speed chases.

I was stopped once for speeding, about 10 to 15 (may be 20?) over and the officer told me he is giving me a warning because I stopped and did not run away.

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Don't know about H2's getting more tickets, but I do know the massive, squared off, frontal profile on the H2 is perfect fodder for laser or radar.

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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

Guess any of the ones on my sig are sfae, as I have not had one yet. However, on the new GT I think that record may fall soon unless I get her reigned in pretty quick.

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