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Speed cameras


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There are quite a few speed cameras in use in southern AZ, in town, on the interstate and on the country 2 lanes. There is normally a lot warning with signs being posted a mile then again at a half mile so unless you have a bad case of stupid, most can avoid getting caught. Today I came across one on a country road (Hwy 83) that was miles from any building. I saw the signs and slowed down to the speed limit (although I think they give you +10) and at about 300 yards, I picked up a lasar warning on my V1, then at about 100 yards I picked up a radar warning. This is the first time I've picked up a lasar warning at a speed camera. Has anyone else seen this?

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No John I have not. They typically use the "timed event" theory and not a radar signal we are all use to. So I too am careful around the great State of Revenue generation!! Looks like they may be a thing of the past if the current HB passes.

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John --


I got K-band hits on my V1 while passing a mobil unit on US 60; I was the only vehicle around that morning as I slowly passed the photo van.


The fixed photo units use timing marks, as Dave described.


Just some info: I was flashed twice within 10 miles one day :dopeslap: In Mesa and Tempe, they will not send you a ticket if they cannot identify you; I don't know if this holds true for other cities/counties.



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This was a mobil unit. I usually only get the K band hit but this time I got both K and L. Possibly a false alarm but interesting coincidence.

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