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From Santa Fe New Mexico to Torrey


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I am going to be at Torrey this Spring and am looking forward to the trip. I'm thinking of going the LONG way via Santa Fe New Mexico where my elderly mother lives. Torrey is 500 miles direct and about 1500 miles via Santa Fe. I've never been to Torrey from that direction and am looking for route suggestions from anyone who has. It looks to me like US 550 North East from Santa Fe is the route, to 64, US 491, UT-95 to UT-24. I have ridden the four corners area but it has been a very long time. Any suggestions?


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How long do you want to take and how much riding do you want to do? Interested in Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon or Canyon de Chelly, Uranium Mining, Arches, Canyonlands?


Here's a three day route that would be nice.


Plenty of other options though.


If you want something more direct, I would pick up 550 in Durango. Go through Chama and Pagosa Springs to Durango.



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