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Tesla was right


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This is very cool.




Free power?

Adaptable to vehicles?


Will we buy devices and then pay a rental/user fee and never need batteries unless were "off the grid"?


Tesla may turn out to be more influential than Edison and it is too bad he didn't get the support back in the day.

We might all be walking around w/truly portable, lightweight devices, driving true hybrids w/internal combustion rarely used, living in homes that never had wiring problems or fires caused by faulty wires.

Never thought I'd live to see the day...

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With all due respect to Martin Luther King Jr. ..........


Free at last, free at last :thumbsup:


I've been wondering when a device would come to market that would be able to simultaneously charge all your portable electrical/electronic devices thus eliminating several chargers.

The fact that it will be wireless is icing on the cake :clap:


I remember someone posting about power transmission device (wireless extension cord) around the first on April some time ago as a gag.

If I remember correctly I initially thought it was real.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

Isn't this technology already out there? Oh yeah, it is... My Sonicare toothbrush charges using magnetic inductence (or whatever it's called.)

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But how are we going to get/generate all that energy to "beam" through thin air without ruining the planet even further? :dopeslap:


In a related field, I'm working on a new Radiation Incident Protocol for Emergency Responders (now that we're at war with the world we've gotta worry about dirty bombs and we're getting yet another Nuclear Aircraft Carrier in town and the natives are growing ever more restless) and in my research stumbled upon a very interesting White Paper called "An Idiot's Guide to Radiation and Nuclear Pre-History". It's not too long, a free download and a fascinating read--with pics! :grin:


I lived in Lewisberg, PA during the Three Mile Island incident and spent a year in (then West) Germany right before the wall came down and less than a year after the Chernobyl Disaster so I grew up hearing all the wild panic similar to when AIDS/HIV first broke on the scene and we thought it was like ebola or nerve gas. Yet now, the more I study radiation (and it's logical inclusion in the post Global Climate Change world's energy equation), the more I understand the specifics of how it works . . .which oddly reduces my fear of it. :Wink:


I also visited the "Atomkeller" (Atomic Cellar) in Haigerloch where the Germans conducted early experiments on nuclear power (and weaponry . . . fascinating!) and Leslie and I just happened upon the first "Breeder Reactor" from the 40's-50's out in the middle of nowhere (aka Idaho) on a trip back from an UnRally. I helped move the Death Valley Daze ride even closer to Yucca Mountain and I read with envy boney's report of the "Mop and Glo" type training he did in nearby Mercury. It seems my life is somehow being inextricably drawn to nucyuler power . . . maybe I should stop worrying and learn to love the bomb! :rofl:

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The article doesn't touch on the efficiency of wireless versus wired transmission. Last I heard, there was no wireless power solution that was even close to the efficiency of a wire. That's maybe ok when charging five 5V 1000mA portable devices on a mat by the front door, but definitely becomes a big problem when we are talking about room lights, a television, or your fridge.

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