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A few of my "Ride-a-longs" with the "lawman"!


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i commend the LEO for establishing a personal relationship with Steve :thumbsup:.


in my small home town in upstate new york there was a fella named chickie who lost his license. about every 3 years he got himself a brand new sears lawn tractor for transportation. took the mowing deck off, flew down the hills and never missed a happy hour or was late to the factory.

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John Ranalletta

There's gotta be something we don't know about this guy; otherwise, why did the LEO go nuclear when there was never a hint of aggression?


Looks like small town bully with a badge to me.

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While this is kind of funny, it actually provides a glimpse into the world that many LEOs deal with on a daily basis. In towns small and large, it seems like there are always "regulars," folks who seem intent on getting tossed into the back of a squad car on a regular basis. Booze and drugs generally play a role, but you can't count out the role that massive stupidity plays in this sort of thing.


I'm not so sure that the cop was over the line . . . in each instance there was active resistance and the cop was apparently on his own. Once Steve was down, the cop set about cuffing him. Unlike some other videos of arrests that I've seen posted here and elsewhere, it seemed like the deputy was simply doing what he had to, to control the situation and effect an arrest.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


One of the funniest is the "wife" laughing from inside when the cop asks what he's smoking.


OMG, that there is some funny stuff!!!

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Reminds me of the time a guy called me to report his lawnmower had been stolen. Upon arrival he invited me in to his home and asked me to sit on his couch. On the table was a few pounds of weed, bags, rolling papers and the like. He said I had no right to arrest a "victim" in his own home..... Some people are slow learners.

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