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The long, cold winter


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What are all of you wonderful people, who live in the great white north, doing to pass the time in the winter? I'm making a heated vest, but it is too cold to work on the BMW in the garage.


This forum and the BMW Owners News magazine are two past times that keep me interested and looking forward to spring.


Are there any good projects on the go? Any bike related activities?

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Hey Steve,

Minnesota guy here...it is a long winter.

This weekend I'm heading up to Ely, Mn to do some Dog Sledding...oh...you asked about motorcycle stuff.....:)~

My neighbor has lent me his third stall in a heated garage this winter...so I have been taking my time going through my recently purchased(6/08 - 2000 R1100RT)....fluid/filter changes, rocker arm/valve adjustment, throttle body synch,just have some speed bleeders to install & brake bleed left....and I should be ready for riding again soon.

Other wise - I come here and read...learning lots from this forum...

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Hi Steve

January was motorcycle show month here in Alberta I made it to the show in Calgary and Red Deer so that eased the pain for a little while other than that it's been work, eat, sleep, repeat.

I get a little jealous reading the posts from all the guys down south who can ride all winter but on the bright side our bikes last longer right.

The tempeture hit +10c today so I bet a lot of bike where out for the afternoon dodging the ice and sand (not my kind of fun).

Just two more months and back on the road and as a bonus a brand new zumo 550 to play with.

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Looking with great longing at the bike every time I walk around it to get in the car. Then I curse as I look at the driveway, and it's inches deep coating of ice/snow.


If it got warm enough, I'd put all the tupperware back on. Looks kind of funny/ugly with most of it off. Kind of like a GS.



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... Went for a ride, sunny and 78F at the beach :grin:
True, but it will be hot and dry (plus very brown) within a few months here in the desert we call SoCal while those elsewhere currently in deep freeze enjoy their flora and fauna. Pick yer poison - no free lunch where each of us calls "home"...




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I did some lazy man skiing last Friday. :) I climbed to the top of Cherry Mountain(3182 ft) it's not very far from Lancaster NH.

I did dust off the rt today, I guess tomorrow I could just sit on the bike and make broom broom noises. ne_nau.gif

If you'd ask me, Punxsutawney Phil needs a swift kick in the ar$e. :grin:







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Joe Frickin' Friday
Are there any good projects on the go? Any bike related activities?


Projects? Sure, I got projects. I just finished building a coffee table, and now I'm gonna learn to play the bagpipes.


Bike related stuff? Not so much. Planning on a new bike this spring; agonizing over whether it should be a 1300GT or a 1200RT. Planning on some test rides when/if it warms up around here.

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Hey Steve

Greetings from the west coast. After a cold wet jan. the weather in Vancouver to-day was +10 in the sunshine. Dry roads no snow. Lets hope the great white north is in for a early spring. Went for a 5 hr. ride today. Kinda felt like being reborn


Cheers Bruce

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Low 40's on the way to work and low 70's on the ride home here in Vegas right now, I'll trade ya some snow for some 115 degree days in a couple a months. I miss living in a place that has more than 2 seasons and plan on a move to the north west as soon as I can break even on my house. If you don't know the two seasons here are pretty cold, and really hot with more hot than not... Get yourself a copy of the MotoGP game for your computer and ride your thumbs off until the thaw.

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If it makes ya'll feel better, the south has been pretty cold lately. It is 19 degrees this morning here, so I'm taking the car to work. Of course, 19 degrees might feel like a summer day in Canada...

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I'll take the cold over the high temps any day. I hate riding in the heat. Yuck! I can dress for the cold. I don't ride when it's below zero but I can at least live in it. I'm waiting for the GP game to come on on Wii. It keeps getting pushed back.


You are right about the south. I just got back from Asheville, NC a few days ago. It was 19-40 degrees. Granted I'd kill for that but it still was a shame.

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melting snow in a glass to see how dirty it is, measuring the icicles on my gutters, and long blank stares at the US wall map in my office, dreaming about where I can ride to this summer.


I can't even remember what my R90s or RT look like, the covers have been on so long.





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I am certainly spending more time on this forum in the cold weather. Fired up the wood stove in the shop and did some furniture work. No bike projects planned.


I did get in a nice ride Monday, but too cold now. :thumbsup:

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