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BMW brake pads vs. aftermarket brake pads for Integral ABS


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Does anyone know why BMW brake pads are a "must use" on integrated brake systems?


I want to upgrade to a sintered pad set for my '03 RT but I keep running into this comment or "not recommended for Integral ABS" comments.


Can anyone shed any light on this subject?

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I've had sintered metal EBC pads on my bike for about 4000 miles now. Lever effort is more firm, brakes feel stronger, and very little brake dust on the front wheel.


I'll go back to these when they wear out. They were cheaper too.

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The service manager at my dealer reckons after-market pads work fine, they just wear the disc out much faster. May not be the cheap option in the long run.


Cya, Andy thumbsup.gif

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At $200.00 per new Rotor (over $600.00 for all three with tax and/or shipping), it might be cheaper to wear the softer pads instead of the rotors. The way I understand it the "metallic" pads will use up your rotor wear limit much faster than the recommended ones and require an earlier, much more costly replacement.


I've been getting 50-70K miles on my stock pads (granted, a lot of touring miles) which feel fine with a fresh bleed. I am toying with a SS brake line upgrade soon due to the miles they have on them. With two R1150RT's at around 100,000 miles each (an '02 and '03), all six rotors are still well within the wear limits and will probably outlast the bikes when we sell them at 200,000 miles. thumbsup.gif


But of course, YMMV! grin.gif

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I spoke with a former BMW dealer tonight and he was unable to offer any more information on this subject. The only reason another rider I spoke with could come up with was if the brake pads were different compounds varying front from rear. confused.gif


While this may be the case, I intend to replace my pads with sintered EBC versions unless someone else can provide any more insight.


I greatly appreciate the views expressed thus far.


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Strange that someone would mention the risk of rotor damage from using using non-approved pads might just be a concern. The only people that mention this risk again are those same dealers trying to sell their pads. While this sounds logical I doubt that there is much truth in this risk. At least not in my experience and if it is factor you don't need to buy BMW rotors as the after market has even better ones for less money.

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I have used both, and after the EBC's have bedded in, I can't tell the difference - I also keep an eye on my discs, because I spotted some pitting in the rear disc at about the 10000 mile mark. BMW replaced the disc (thank you!).

Have not noticed excessive disc wear so far. So at this rate I will have done an awful lot of miles when replacement is due. (At this point I would have thought that the second, third or fourth owner may have to pick up the tab). I bet I will spend more on rear shock absorbers!!



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