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PinLock Shield System ?


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I just purchased a new HJC FS-15 full face helmet which comes with a clear pin lock shield. I usually buy a dark shield to use when it's a sunny day, but with the pin lock system my question is:


What are the pros and cons to just buying a dark shield versus the dark pinlock shield insert that would go onto my clear shield? Has anyone ever used both? If you put the dark pinlock shield on the clear shield, does it completely cover up the face opening?



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I have a Nolan with the pin lock setup. I have a pin lock fog-proof insert in the clear shield and it stays there. I carry a extra dark shield. It is easier to swap main shields than to swap pin lock shields. Also I prefer to have only one plastic shield surface in front of my eyes when possible.

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Thank you, that's just the kind of info I'm looking for. I was just thinking that I would rather be looking through one piece of plastic as opposed to two. And, you're saying it's easier to change out the main shield than the pinlock shield. Thanks,

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Definitely easier to change main opposed to pin.

I use the amber pinlock, works 24 hours.

Took a while to adjust to different colors in the dark (headlights etc.) but after years of use, I seem to have returned the colors to normal through some type of brain shift. :dopeslap:

Provides very good clarity in fog/rain/low light, like shooter's glasses.

Some companies even advertise their amber/yellow as "driver's glasses".

Fog resistance quality is excellent.

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Agree. My Nolan N102 pinlock is a big-time pain to get the insert out. Very snug fit. I ended up removing the fog insert and just using Zooke when I need antifog, after it scratched a little (even using only microfiber to clean it).

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I've got a shoei with pinlocks. Really great stuff. At one time I had a tinted insert used with a clear shield. What you get is full sunlight coming in around the edge. The better program is to just go with the clear insert and switch shields. Actually, I don't use the insert with the tinted shield because it's usually summer anyway.

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I love love love my pinlock setup, except for the price. Agree with the others, no smoke insert. Just get a smoke shield and swap it out if you need that.


I have considered getting a smoke shield, and putting new pins in it for the insert, but I haven't been compelled enough yet. My eyes do pretty well with clear.


I wash with dish soap and water using only my fingers. It's holding up fine after almost two years. But I don't wash the insert often, and it's a pain when I do because it needs to be totally dry before attaching it to the shield.


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I go with clear on clear. Usually the days I need pinlock are the days I need clear anyway. Days I need my tinted shield (no pinlock) it's usually warm enough to be sans pinlock anyway.

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