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Lunch in Lake Wales, FL/Feb. 7th., 2009


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How 'bout lunch, Saturday, Feb. 7th., 2009, at a neat place called:


Cherry Pocket Steak & Seafood Shak

3100 Canel Rd.

Lake Wales, FL



Arrive 'bout 11:30am -- weather is looking good for Saturday -- Let's Ride!!!


Get out & explore Florida!!!


Cruzn'AL/Valrico, FL

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Sounds interesting!

I happen to be on vacation in Florida, and was looking for somewhere to go. I had to trailer the bike down so that the whole family could come. I unloaded the bike but have only gone around the block so far. This would be about a 3 hour ride for me so would make a good ride.

Now where are all those other Floridians?


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I wondered about the hard freeze and temperatures in the teens the next couple days.

Thanx Andy. ;)

Where are ya, eh?

Would enjoy seeing you (both?) and having a ride to eat.

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I keep wondering why everyone down here says it's cold!

It's beautifull down here! 65 deg is just perfect for riding!

I am down in Everglades City, so it is warmer down here than up where you are Tim.

Of course back home they tell me it is snowing and the temp is -22 deg C.

Just abut anything is better than that!



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You brought your bike down there?

Great place for a boat. :rofl:

Only about 450 miles from some better rides.

Hope you are on vacation, not working, and enjoy yourself.

Keep us posted on your itinerary.

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Keep us posted on your itinerary.


Hey I am on vacation! I don't have an itinerary!


As for the boat, well we are visiting my sister down here and they have the boat!


Aparently this weekend is some seafood festival down here and the town gets invaded by thousands of people. So aparently it takes hours to go the three miles up to US41.

But if I leave really early and come home late I might be able to avoid most of it!

So are you going Tim?

Would love to meet up with you southern folk!



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Probably not.

I've got to march in Parades the 14th and 21st, so next Saturday will be my only chance to sell more bikes for a while.

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Some of you Tampa area riders might want to meet at Eurocycles in Odessa for the monthly "First Saturday Pancake Breakfast" before you take your ride (8 am 'til 9 am). I'm sure some of the regulars will join you for the lunch jaunt.

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