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Radio removal


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I'm thinking about removing my radio. It seems I will not be getting the sound quality I would like with the stock system without major modifications. I'm getting this from guys on another thread. The only problem is I don't have the removal tool. From diagrams I've seen, it looks like all 4 locks need to be released together. Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm not sure what the mechanism looks like so I'm not sure if I can just shove an allen wrench in the holes and pull. Don't want to a cause more work, you know how that is. Or maybe not.

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A Ford/Mazda radio tool will pop it right out. I have one I can send you if you need it.


I replied in the same manner to the same question in your other thread as well. :wave:



They look like this:



You can buy them nearly anywhere for way under $10.

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