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How well does an Eazy Rizer lift work on an RT?


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It may be difficult to change your bike oil when on one of these lifts. And you can't put a jack on it to lift up the front to remove the wheel. I don't know......

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It certainly is compact. It looks like there are several "lifting options". I'd want to make sure I could remove or rotate the wheels like "bumping" the rear wheel to get to TDC on valve adjustments. Also access to oil drain and filter is important. It these can be accomodated, it may work ok.

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I can't really tell from their picture, but can you remove a wheel when using that lift? It looks like it's base may be too small to be unbalanced?

I find it really important when working on my bikes to be able to rotate the handlebars to make room in areas, or remove a wheel when necessary. (For example, when working on the HES, replacing a front tire, checking the coil, installing Farkles, replacing alternator belt, replacing rear tire). This may not be a priority for you. Just thought I would mention it. ;) Maybe this lift would work just fine for this stuff too?

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