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When to replace front rotors?


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At my last dealer service the service dept. told me my front rotors were under spec. They need to be replaced. Does anyone know what is the rotor minimum? My 06 RT has 25,183 miles, 80% of travel with 2 up at max. wgt. Memphis/Seattle and Shepherdstown/Almogordo.


My plan is to have the rotors replaced after I've had them cryogenic processed. I had these cryogenic rotors installed on a car I owned and they worked great. Eliminated a lot of later term brake warping and pulsating. I do experience brake pulsating braking at 80 with 2 up (maybe 75).



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Usually the minimum thickness is imprinted right on the rotor. I'd double check the dealer's measurements. Your mileage seems a bit low for rotors to be worn thin, but if they are, then it's time for new ones.


By the way, welcome to the board! :wave:



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As Jay said your mileage is kind of low to need new front rotors. I'm not sure about the hexheads but the oilheads commonly go to well in excess of 100k miles on the original set. If they really are worn (a little skepticism may be warranted) then you might check to see if your brakes are dragging for some reason (either that or you really like to stop hard all the time. :grin:)

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Get ahold of a micrometer and check those yourself, at 25K you may not even need pads depending on how hard you ride and brake. I've had rotors on much bigger and heavier bikes last over 60K and I am known to be kinda hard on my bikes. My buddies say I only have two speeds, wide open or full brakes and at 25K my rotors are hardly worn at all.

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I had my rotors replaces at 8000, reason:pulsing.

Discs floating connection to rim is the reason for this problem.

Little corrosion is enough for floating connection to turn solid connection. After that they get hot and bend.

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Hi Tom and welcome,


+1 on what everyone else has said, but also:


Pay particular attention to the wear on all your pads if you still have them and it might be worth checking with the dealer as to when BMW changed the design of the front pads...


I found a single pad worn to the metal at 30K-ish on the inside of one rotor whilst the rest were fine. It had also taken the rotor below spec. The rotor was changed under warranty and the dealer explained that the pads had been re-designed due to a tendency for some to stick!


Mine is an 05 and I do not know when the problem was recognized or when the subsequent redesign came into effect but it must have been well into 2006 or even 2007! Of course we were not going to change one rotor and so I paid for the other.

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