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Accessory Socket KGT - By Pass the CANBUS


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If you would like to charge your battery using a non-canbus charger or if you would like to run a high amp accessory, like a tire pump and not have to worry about the canbus shutting down the power then do what I and many others have done; purchase an accessory outlet and run it directly to the battery.


The KGT comes with one accessory outlet, but there are two other knockouts for two more accessory plugs. I purchased the K12RS accessory socket; part number 716023337054, installed it in one of the knockouts and then wired it directly to the battery.


All you need to do is cut the pig tail off and solder it to a couple of leads that run directly to the battery and you are in business.



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I've always used a Centech AP-1 fuse block (Available

from BoB's BMW). Run the + connection direct from the battery. Ground to the - to the battery or frame. Fuse the + lead from the battery to the Centech. Run all the wiring to accessories from the Centech box. This way you are not tapping into the bikes lectrical system and all your accessories will be fused at the Centech box. If you blow a fuse it will only effect one item and not feed back into the bikes electrical system. At the very worst,and it will most likely never happen, say you blow every fuse in the Centech box you, bike will protected.



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I forgot to mention that that the accessory is run to the battery by way of a Blue Sea fuse block. Sounds like we are in the same camp.

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Same boat.

Centech is smaller, Blue Sea perhaps more weather protection (although never had issue w/my Centech).

Centech one size, Blue Sea has different number of connections available.


Smaller Blue Sea is less money then a Centech.


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