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K12GT Decals


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The billboardesque fairing needed something, so this is my first and possibly final attempt to disrupt the huge expanse of plastic. It kind of looks like something from Blade Runner now....or maybe not.






Any other attempts out there? Care to share?

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Very nice. My biggest beef with the new GT (well the old new GT) was the big expanse of plastic. The new, new GT looks tons better. Yours looks great, nice driveway too.

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Looks good, nice and subtle. I've also wondered why more people don't do something to break up the slab. Somewhere I saw somebody is offering a checker board pattern like the old taxi pattern from the K12RS but I think your idea fits the bike better.

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The decal kit is out of Germany. It is suppose to be a large K, but I decide to leave the "v" part of the K on my bench and just go with with the understated "7".


It is growing on me...

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