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Pretty neat old snowmobile


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Wow! That is pretty neat. I love seeing the ways people addressed challenges back in the old days.


I wonder how many people got mangled by those rotating drums? The driver (in his had and tie :grin:) looked pretty secure up on his seat.


Thanks for sharing that interesting bit of industrial history.

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My experience with snow and snow vehicles is extremely limited to the point of being non existent .My children love it and have been to many ski fields and I usually sit inside and complain.


We are currently experiencing 35 to 40 C and I am loving it.


The screw used to propel the vehicle is ,I think a variation of the Archimedes screw , which we commonly see in grain augers and some water pumps , but this is just the reverse.


I remember seeing a similar vehicle but instead of snow the "rollers" were bouyant and the vehicle actually travelled across land and water .


The gent driving the tractor in hat and tie looked like he was tied to his seat , a very capable operator.


It's good to respond to these posts without becoming the instant expert through wikpedia or google or whatever search engine and being comfortable with getting it wrong every now and then.

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