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Great day for a ride in NorCal.


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No pic's here, so the photo junkies may move on...text only...I know, not worthy. :(


So I gets up early, been meaning to take the ol' 90S out for a good workout. :)


After spending lots of time with maintenance long overdue, and sorting out a set of new DelOrto's (float and acc pump junk right out of the box) and a new , painted fuel tank, petcocks and lines, I get the ol' girl runnin' like a top. She's polished and shined, tuned, and ready to go.


Off I go, gonna make a run up to my cabin to see that all is still in order. It's

just a short 80 mile ride, but it's up to the Sierra's, and I can take a dose of twisties. Ride is good, cabin is ok, not much snow left, roads sandy but clear, and no ice this weekend. On the return trip, I feel vibration and hear noise out of the rear end. I think the worst, after all the final drive threads, so I pull over and shut her off. Put her on the centre stand, spin the rear wheel, and grinding noises may their presence heard. Great!


I get the bike home, pull the rear wheel, aluminum falls out. Bitchin'!!

I've got no idea where it came from, then a small shard of metal falls out. Upon closer inspection, it's a spoke tip. Then I check the wheel...It's bent and I'm missing wheel weights, the one's that attach to the spokes. And two spokes are broken.


Don't know what I hit, but the rim is junk. So's my wallet right now. I call the wheel man in Azusa, he tells me send it and 400.00, and in 3 weeks time I'll have it back.


My ride tale. No pic's, just memories... :dopeslap:


I'm gonna have a beer now.



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