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how to remove throlle cable ass. under batt box ...r1100rt 2000


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how to remove cable ass, from under batt box....is a clip or how it may slide out...have to replace the trotle cable....looks like the A B S sits on top of the bat which seems one peice...any help would help...ted

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You will need to loosen the cables on the left side so there is slack to slide the box to the right. There is a tension clip on the bottom of the holder that will make the box tight as you slide it out.

Good luck!

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You also might need to bend the little bracket that holds the connector for the fuel tank. Its a tight fit, but you should be able to get it out with a little wiggling. See if this helps



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Hey Keith, good to hear from you again....Where you been, man.




eh.....I've been around. Just haven't been riding/posting much due to a transmission oil leak and poor winter weather. My winter time attention has been going other places (like my Isuzu 4x4 forum). Been busy repacking wheel bearings, shopping for oversized tires, and researching 3" lift kits :grin:

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