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GS Subframe Issue


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While trying to put the crash bar back on (after a valve check) on my 2001 1150GS I got the left rear subframe bolt stuck...to make a long story short...while trying to get it out it snapped off. I now need to remove the threaded alloy bar that the subframe bolts too, holding it on the transmission. However, to remove the bar the subframe needs to be raised about 1". I have disconnected the rear shock, removed both front subframe bolts, as well as the right side rear bolt, jacked up the rear end...and still no go...when I raise the back end of the subframe the transmission raises also, thereby negating the affect.

Can anyone help with suggestions on how to raise the subframe up so that threaded alloy bar can slide out?



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Tom, not real sure what you have there but is there a chance that broken bolt is sticking into the rear frame enough to keep it from lifting clear?


There is also an attachment inside the air box but hard to believe that would be enough to keep you from lifting it enough to see what it is hanging on..


Some pictures of what you have would probably help us a lot..




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Thanks for your message...here are some pics:


Left Side...main issue






Here is the right side:






From the left side pics its apparent that the remaining bolt is keeping the subframe from rising...however...when I wedge the frame out (not a trivial task) past the bolt end the subframe still doesn't want to budge.

From the right side close up the opposite end of the threaded rod can just be seen...it has to slip out there so the subframe has to be moved up just enough to slide it out.


For a full blow by blow account of how it started here is a link to the thread I started on the ADVrider earlier in the week.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Cowabunga...was just successful in raising the subframe (with the help of a cranky teenager)...what I did was:


disconnect the tank from the subframe and raise the tank

disconnected the muffler from the subframe

pried the subframe over the broken bolt


now its time to get to work in getting the bolt out of the threaded bar.

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