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Comms Cable Clip


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Does anyone know where I can find a "cable clip" to hold my comms cable from sliding under my leg while I ride? It's become quite annoying, and I know I saw one on another bike once...just can't find it on the internet anywhere...





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Joe Frickin' Friday

Had one that came with my Autocomm. As Rich suggests, you may be able to find one at Radio Shack, or possibly in the electrical department of Home Depot.


FWIW, I placed mine at the very rear edge of the tank on my RT, and it's not a good spot; the extra length of the cable still dangles down and manages to get caught under my leg from time to time.


I've been meaning to put a piece of Velcro on the fuel filler lid, and then make/attach a Velcro-equipped tether onto the cable. The Velcro will allow easy detachment for maximum slack when getting on/off the bike, and that forward anchor point (on the fuel filler lid) will take up that annoying slack in the cable, keeping it away from the saddle.

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That might explain it.....Autocom Kit. I bought a Baehr Verso Kit, which has been great...but it didn't come with any clip to hold the cable off my lap. I will check out Radio Shack this weekend....thanks.



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