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Does anyone know of a way to plug in a GPS through the BMW outlet on my 07 RT? It (the GPS) has a standard auto plug now. Can I get a replacement plug to fit?



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You can go the the BMW dealer and pay big bucks or go to your local John Deere dealer and get a plug for a couple bucks. Just cut off the auto plug and attache the new plug paying attention to the proper polarity.

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Thank you all for such quick responses. I don't often need a GPS, but on occasion I wouldn't mind using one. I have one for my wife's car and can use it if I can plug it in. Rather save my $$ for new shocks!

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One additional thing to know. When I start my 06 RT, SOMETIMES the CanBus powered GPS cuts off IF I've left it on when I shut off the bike, like for a lunch stop. Drove me nuts, as I had to shut off the bike, turn off the GPS, restart the bike, then turn on the GPS power switch to get things working again.


Apparently the CanBus does not like accessories to be in the ON position when the bike starts.


This may never happen to you, but it drove me nuts until I figured it out. Now I turn off the GPS with its ON/OFF switch prior to turning off the bike and all is well.

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