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GPS custom POI's


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So where do you guys get your custom Points Of Interest files? poi-factory.com has lots for free, but sometimes they need tweaking. What's your favorite poi resource? Or if you make your own, what's the trick to speeding up the process?


For me, I'd like to have all the AAA listed campgrounds in one poi file for the whole US. But I'm not sure how to do it without spending weeks locked away in the back room. The missus will think I'm watching porn!



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elkroeger, I usually use either Gpspassion or poi-factory for pre assembled poi lists.. I have made my own but usually just an area or state thing nothing like compiling a full US AAA camp ground list..


I have found the Garmin POI loader works about as good as any for loading ..


Usually load the POI list onto my storage card then import them at time of need.. One thing I have found is a POI list kind of expires as businesses change or go in/out of business so the POI list for any major things like motorcycle dealers or camp grounds needs to be up dated occasionally.. In making my own POI I usually also include the phone number of the business as that really makes it nice to phone ahead to be sure they are still in business or have room for you..


On camp selecting camp grounds,, keep in mind that not all are motorcycle friendly & even then some that are somewhat motorcycle friendly may not let you ride into your camp site..


Would be nice to have a full US motorcycle friendly camping POI list..







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elkroeger, I just had a thought here.. I think most camp grounds now include their longitude & latitude for satellite dish positioning.. I wonder if you could call or E-Mail AAA & have them send you a USA list of their campgrounds in Excel format.. That should allow a good POI program to make usable POI’s out of the list…


I am a AAA car & home member (progressive on the bikes) but seldom use AAA campgrounds unless the place I’m staying just happens to be AAA affiliated by chance.. I tend to gravitate more towards motorcycle friendly than KOA or AAA affiliated..


I sure would like to get hold of a full USA motorcycle friendly campground list with corresponding POI’s or satellite position longitude & latitude..




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That's a fine idea asking for a simple excel list from AAA. I inquired earlier about getting their data for my gps, and they said, "Sure, you just gotta buy this Magellan unit that we've loaded it onto...." Yikes. (I did complain that the data is something that I pay my dues for, and it should be free to members, but as you might imagine, I got nowhere....). Anyway, the interest I have in AAA listed campgrounds is that they list most of what's available, and usually it's a reasonable place. Privately owned (comercial) campgrounds, on the other hand, can be pretty bad sometimes.


POI factory does have one moto friendly camp list that I came across the other day. has about 30 campgrounds. My efforts with google haven't yielded too many more than that.



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