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Road conditions Crest and Azusa Canyon

Pennys Dad

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Evening Everyone


So this weekend we went on our usual spirited canyon ride. We started out on The Crest, :P The road was ok, no big wash outs, IT was COLD, 34 degree cold after 5000 ft. It was a foggy soup early on and past 5000 ft is was pea soup foggy. We started out at 7am and turned back after 9 miles, had breakfast at the diner at the bottom, we tried again after breakfast and we turned back 1 mile after the 5000 foot mark. We headed out to Azusa.

So we landed at Azusa Canyon. The minivan and 4x4 parade had mostly gone up already so the road was nice, clear and very spirited to the bridge. We crossed the bridge and head to GMR. The twisty switchback road heading up to GMR wasnt to bad, there were 3 spots with mini boulder size wash out that took out the south bound lane. GMR itself was dry, clean, twisty and challenging.

So Crest is still rough but I guess we cant expect much. :P

Azusa on the other hand was Nice! :thumbsup:

Ortega next, maybe.


Ride well.


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