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R1200ST and Leg Room


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I have money down on a used R1200ST. Anybody care to give me some information on your height and how it fits you? And maybe some feedback on the bike in general?




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Hi John,


I'm 5'11" 183 lbs. and 48 (and a half) years old. I bought a used ST back in June. (w/ 12,400 mi)

The bike was a "paint shaker" when I first got it, so I tuned it up and it runs real smooth now. It's a real pleasure to work on.

The bars were too low for me, so I installed a throttle cable from a '05 R1200R, and put the bars above the fork bridge. I also had to fabricate a different mounting point for the brake line. You could probably buy a brake line for an R1200R and get the needed length, but then bleeding these power assisted brakes is a pain.

I bought a foot peg lowering kit from Suburban Machinery, so now the riding position is better for long rides. I drag my foot pegs more now, but with the rear pre-load cranked up, it's an exceptable lean angle.

I also installed a new set of Avon Storms, and so for they've been real good tires for me. Great grip wet or dry

Next on the list is the suspension...


Good luck with your new ride,


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Hi John,

Like Andy I'm 5'11" tall. I don't have much issue with the leg room with the seat in the higher of the two available positions. I do agree with Andy that the stock bars are a long reach. I mounted mine above the top triple clap as Andy but, with a aftermarket kit with a proper brake line from the hand lever to the ABS unit. It's in the control circuit and not very hard to bleed from the fluid in the one visible resevoir. The Verholen kit also has special hardware to guard against the bars turning in a fall due to rotating fork tubes. Depending on your riding preferences, the foot pegs are your choice. I can vouch that the stock bike can lean way over even packing 50lbs of luggage and a heavy weight rider (240 lbs). :thumbsup:


So what's your stature John?

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Thanks guys for the replys! I really appreciate the information. I am 6'4". I bought a R1150RS back in 2004 and put 12k on it in 1 month! Loved the bike but could not afford 2 bikes at one time so I sold the R1150GS and kept the R1150RS. Thats how much I liked it! Well I traded the R1150RS in on a R12GS 4 years ago in a moment of weakness! I sold the R12GS last fall and decided to try the "sport touring" bike style again. So the R12ST seemed the logical choice. I hope the ST is as good as the RS. I really liked that bike! Anybody able to compare the RS to the ST?

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I'm 6'4 also and have a 34" inseam. I've been thinking of some kind of in between sport/touring bike that I can use to replace my 11RT when the time comes. I had an R11S for a while but couldn't ride it long enough to tour. I would've put a peg lowering kit on it but it was a borrowed bike. Ok, borrowed for a year... but still!


I love the RT for comfort and there's not a lot it won't do, but, I'd just like something a tad sportier. GS lust aside, I still want a sport bike!

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I am hoping this bike will be a "darkhorse" like the R1150RS was. I got a real good deal on a very low mileage one. I had an R11RT about 10 years ago also. That was a very comfortable bike! You are right there was not much it wouldn't do. Where do I go to "borrow" a bike for a year!

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LOL, borrowing a bike for a year...

It's really easy. All you need is to be a really good friend, have a large garage, and know people deploying to the Persian gulf.


My wife has an R1100RSL, it's a ball to ride for sure.

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You will love the ST. Mine was purchased new in 2005 and has 48,000 trouble free miles. I am 5'11" and have a 32" inseam. With the seat adjusted to the higher position no problem with room. The handlebar position suits me fine though I have always had low bars starting with my Super Hawk in 1965. In fact, compared to my Thruxton, they seem like highbars.



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I, too, have a 32" inseam. However, I find leg room to be an issue. I think it is exacerbated by the gas tank's width. That said, I have never enjoyed any bike as much as this one. I've had mine for almost three years and 23K miles.


To relieve leg cramps, I move my feet between the main pegs, the passenger peg, and the valve covers. The last one looks weird, but works well. I should probably look into Elf pegs.



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John, depending on how you get along with the stock seat there might be another alternative on the ST for your inseam. IMHO the stock seat just doesn't cut it for any ride of over an hour. If you have the seat redone as many have, at that time you can get more leg room with a custom seat with foam raised some. You won't have issues with touching the ground at your height. If your reach matches your inseam the bars won't be too bad especially mounted above the top triple clamp. My son is 6'3" and he sits on my ST (bars above top triple clamps) almost like I do on a RT. The ST is a terrific bike and worth the trouble to tailor to suit an owner.

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Thanks again for all the feedback. George I think I am going to do what you suggested and pay a visit to Bill Mayer Saddles. He can tailor the height to me.

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I'm about 5'-6" and i love this bike. I had the seat modified by a local apolstry guy and now i can easily do 500 mile days. I think it's the perfect balance between sport and touring. I also raised the bars above the triple tree using the Verholen kit. I love that it is so easy to do all your own maintainence (exept maybe the brake fluid change). Here are a few pics of mine.





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I also am 5'11" and found the leg position a little cramped but most of the discomfort was from the seat itself. I made an appointment with Bill Mayer and had a seat made for myself and wife which solved the comfort problem and the leg postion problem went away. Really like the bike.

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Brian, your photos look real fine. It might be an individual thing but,

I really like the ST's style. Back to the bragging of my bike's ground clearance in the twisties like 'the Dragon' for example, here's why for me the stock footpegs are best. A necessary exercise to keep up the Sport half of the ST's model designation.


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6'1", 32" inseam.


I love mine, but hated the stock seat. The custom seat lowered it a bit, so riding in the high position works perfectly for me now. I felt too high with the stock in the high position.



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I am 6' and find the ST quite comfortable since my seat was rebuilt.I am using the bars in the highest position,and the seat in the lower position.

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I'm 5'10" with a 32" inseam and found the ergo just fine! I had Rick Meyer redo my seat cause my butt would tell me when I had done 250 mi; never had to look at the od! I put 48k on the bike before the abs pump wouldn't stop failing so I traded it on a R12S which to my amazement the ergos are less radical than the st INHO!

I'd still have the st if it wasn't for the abs pump problem.

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