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I Love Jesus...But I Drink a Little


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Wonderful! Reminds me of Art Linkletter interviewing young children. Our oldest and our youngest can be very funny.


A kid's face can tell you a lot - especially that hole in it under the nose.



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Here's the back story.

Possibly a actor.


That voice is familiar......There was a short video clip done in the voice of an old man whose nephew had sent him a beautiful parrot for Christmas..It's been going around the web for a while..They cooked and ate it.."Deeelicious"..Sounds a lot like Gladys voice to me.......

The subsequent clip of Ellen talking to Gladys shows her with some doubt on her face I think.....

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Do you think she's for real? (I don't watch ellen, so I don't know if this is commonly part of her show)


I watched Ellen a lot when I was on maternity leave, and yes, she does stuff like that a lot. She likes videos, conversations, pictures, whatever from "real" people. Her show is kind of like People magazine on TV (mix of celebs and everyday people). She regularly features kids with special talents too...my only nit pick with that is the more percocious they are, the more everyone seems to like them (I just think they seem like brats, but what do I know?) Some times she has some really sweet kids on there though.


Who knows if Gladys is "real"...she sounds authentic to me. She's pretty funny though, whoever she is.

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