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ABS Failure light R1150RT


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On my 2002 R1150RT when the ignition is turned on the ABS failure liight blinks once then comes on solid. The general warning light also stays on and there is a high pitched squeal. When either of the brakes are applied the servo kicks in with a pitch that is lower than the original one. After releasing the brake the original squeal is still there.


The battery is new and the voltage is adequate. I check all fuses and the tail light and stop light bulbs check ok but the stop light does not work when the brakes are applied.


I used a GS-911 fault reader and got the following report:

GS911 Version:804.1 Date:01/25/09

17179: Internal control module error - faulty calculated value

The fault is currently present.

17435: Internal control module error - faulty calculated value

The fault is currently present.

The high frequency sound will blip when the GS-911 is set to zero the fault codes and continues whether the ignition is on, started or not. The fault codes immediatly return after zeroing.


Thanks for any help!!


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Call Ted Porter at the Beemer Shop if you haven't already. They probably have more hands on with the GS911 that anyone else in the states.

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Gcmathis, I don’t know what those error codes actually mean but usually when you get a “faulty calculated value” on an ABS system that usually means the controller itself is not getting matching data out of it’s main & redundant internal computers.. There is usually a match up of data required for the computer to accept the data as real..


Might be as simple as a brake switch stuck on & allowing on of the pumps to come on with the ign switch.. That could be the initial squeal you hear.. Then when you actually hit the brake lever or foot lever that would increase the pump pressure required & change the noise due to increased pump load..


I guess baring other info or an actual understanding of the failure code root itself I would start with the brake switches to make sure that both the hand lever or foot lever are FULLY returning to their stops & that neither switch is sticking or has failed..




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I was having some of the same issues on my R1150RT-P. At first the light coming on was intermittent and I was told by my BMW mechanic that it would

have to stay on before he could track down the trouble. After a week or so it did come on at the beginning of my commute and stayed on.


I tried to live with it but had this nagging worry that the brakes would fail or lock at some undesirable time and throw me on my helmet.


Finally I went in to have my tires checked at another mechanics and decided to change to a newer type tires. In the process of changing my tires the mechanic noticed that my back brake shoes were used up and needed new shoes.


New tires, new shoes, no more ABS failure light and I'm stoked. Good luck with yours.

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