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How to make a Widder Connector?


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So, I am in possession of a Widder vest that I picked up for a very reasonable cost. Problem is, it doesn't come with a connector, Widder's site has been rendered inoperative, and their phone number is disconnected. Happy Trails to the Widders in their retirement.


If possible, I would like to make a connector that would allow me to use either the Gerbing or Warm and Safe temperature controller.


The vest has two male banana-like (male) connectors. The temp controllers utilize a coax connector. What are the proper parts to make this connection happen? I'm unfamiliar with the banana connector name - not SAE, right? And what polarity to observe on the vest. Also, what gender to use for the coax temp controller?


Are these connector types available at Radio Shack? Not having much luck on eBay, either.


Thanks in advance,


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Shaman, Paul's right again... :grin:


I did ya wrong, thought ya had a old Gerbings... :dopeslap:


Use the Widder-adapter-coax, then the Heat-troller.


The prices listed are actually very near what Widder was.


In case you have a Cycle Gear there, I know they used to carry Widder stuff, they might have something laying around still...call 'em.



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Look again on Ebay,there are a number of new Widder electronic controllers and on/off switches available.

Just use "widder"as your search word,then narrow the search to Ebay Motors items and scroll down the page,most are in the "stores"section halfway down the page.



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