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Origin to BMW emblem


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I always thought it refered to the days of making aircraft motors.


That was unitl I watched a programme on the plant in the Spartanburg that makes the Z and X cars. A German marking fella came said it was the Bavarian flag combined with the Rapp Motorenwerk version.


I nearly sold the bike after that!


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Joe Frickin' Friday



No citations on that Wikipedia entry, but I do recall reading a magazine article a few years ago that went into even greater detail, but said much the same thing: the colors of the BMW logo were originally taken from the Bavarian flag, and the aviation backstory was adopted at a later date.

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Considering centuries-old tensions, both political and cultural, between the Kingdoms of Prussia and Bavaria, some of which did not disappear even after unification in 1871, it would be extremely unlikely for any Bavarian business entity to use Prussian symbols for anything other than antagonising its customer base.


Bavarian colors are blue and white in a checkerboard pattern. Prussian colors are red/white/black in a vertical tricolore and not found in any BMW emblems.


Note: In the early seventies, the BMW car division labeled a model "Bavaria" for the US market only. They knew very well that a model with that name would not sell very well in northern Germany! Incidentally, many BMW owners in Bavaria bought the emblem for the back of their cars out of local pride. I don't think BMW sold any of those emblems in Berlin!

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Origin of BMW label is than in the beginning of business (before first World War) BMW produced airplan motors, and the label is the stylization of a propeller than round. In plus German add white and blu colours 'couse are the Bavarian colours(BMW headquarter is in Bavaria)

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The roundel is styled after the Rapp Motor Werks which was the "parent" company of BMW. The crest inside of the ring is based on the Rapp symbol. BMW was put in place of the Rapp and the blue and white is a form of the Bavarian state flag. It is not based on the propeller, just like the Mercedes symbol is not a propeller.


Check this link which is a scan of an article from Mobile Tradition



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