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Topcase lock re-keying?


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I'm considering buying a used BMW topcase for my 12RT. This case is now open and (I think) unlocked, but the seller cannot provide a key. I've re-coded several 1200 cases myself but I've always used the original key in pulling the cylinder/barrel from the case.


My questions are: Do I need the old key to pull the cylinder, or will any 1200 key work? And although the lid is open, does it matter whether the present lock is locked or unlocked?


For obvious reasons, I don't want to have to disassemble the case or try to drill out that cylinder.

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Sailorlite, I just re-keyed a 1200RT top case last fall.. I needed the original key to retract the main tumblers,, then had to use a bent wire to depress the last retention tumbler (that is the one that keeps it in the lock barrel)..


A real pain to get to that retention tumbler..


At the time I was re-keying I was wondering if a person could ever get that key cylinder out without a proper key.. I think it needs to be in the locked position to access the release tumbler through lock access port..


I’m not saying you can’t but it wasn’t apparent how without the proper key to retract the locking tumblers so it will slide out of the barrel..


At the time I was thinking probably drilling the original out would be the easiest & quickest..


I have some pictures of the process here somewhere (unfortunately, at the moment I can’t seem to


find them)


ADDED: OK found some good info for you.. Check your PM from this site..




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I went through the same thing last year... you need the key. I had to recontact the guy I bought the top case from and meet with him. Only needed his key for 30 seconds to pop the lock cylinder out.



Here is a web site with GREAT info and photos on how to get the lock cylinder out.


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