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REV'IT Infinity Suit


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I got my Rev'it Infinity suit 3 days ago and am so far very happy. I have about 250 miles in dry temps from 28f-34f and have been warm and comfortable. I am wearing an underarmor shirt and gerbings heated jacket liner under it with just longjohns on the bottoms. In these freezing temps I only had to turn the gerbings up about 1/2 way. The suit is completely windproof. It also appears to breathe quite well as I wore it around the house for about an hour and did not get hot or sweaty. They claim it is 100% waterproof however the test of this will have to wait for wetter weather. It has waterproof "drysuit type" zippers and all seams are welded with no through stitching to leak. Sizing is kind of strange. I am 5'9" and weigh about 190lb and usually wear a L or XL depending on the brand. In this suit I am wearing a XXL which fits just about perfect when sitting on the bike in riding position. So far I am very impressed with this suit and hope it continues to live up to my expectations. If anyone else has one, please let me know what you think. Updates to come.



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I also got my Rev’it Infinity suit a week ago. I am 6'4" / 12 stone and have the XL Long, oddly the largest size in "long" is the XL, go figure? Anyway it fits fine.


I am using it on my 27 mile (each way) daily commute over a normal office suit. So far I have tested it in the rain and down to about minus 2.5c. It does not leak but is a bit cool below about 4.0c (without proper thermal clothing underneath).


I used to use a similar suit made by GiMoto but the double storm flap on the zips always got caught up and drove me mad. The GiMoto suit was about half the price of the Rev’it, had two large pockets which the Rev’it lacks, but I just had to upgrade after 4 years because the zips were so annoying!


The Rev’it suit works in the wet, but is not as warm as my GiMoto suit (therefore will be better in the summer) the zips are much better and faster to use. The Rev’it also has more pockets although none are really big so my tall wallet digs into my leg a bit.


The one thing the Rev’it does not have that I really miss is the waterproof “through pockets” that let you put your hand through the suit to get at the pockets in your normal cloths underneath.


I think the Rev’it is the suit I am going to use from now on. But the lack of “through pockets” and a large outside pocket means that it is not quite the perfect oversuit for me. Maybe in another 4 years I will look at an Aerostitch but only if they offer a measuring service in the UK!!


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