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Gadgetguy GPS Baseplate Question


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I am considering purchaing the Gadgetguy Baseplate I or II models for attaching my Tomton Rider 2 and a XM2Go unit, respectively. I need a little guidance.


I have the GadgetGuy BMW R1150RT Bracket Kit IV bar & mounts and I wish to mount the GPS and XM side by side between the mounting brackets. Is there enough room for this?


Which is the better choice baseplate given the foregoing needs?



Stephen Chase

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I think there's room to mount two things side-by-side on the Gadgetguy Kit IV mount. I've only put a Garmin 2730 GPS on mine, but there's room to get something else like a radar detector in there too.


Gadgetguy's website has some photos of customer installations:



If you're still unsure, I suggest that you email him to double-check before you buy. In the summer he's very busy as I discovered when he delayed in replying to me when I had a problem after my purchase (which he ultimately made good on - kudos to gadgetguy), but I'll bet he'll have more time now in January.

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